WooEB Launches Content Platform For SMBs

Business lacking SEO expertise can use the web-based content platform, available in free and paid versions, to build and maintain a web presence.
WooEB has launched its WooEB web service intended to provide smaller organizations with an easy, affordable way to manage online content.

Atlanta-based WooEB (pronounced "woo-ebb") launched the service Tuesday, following a beta that launched earlier this year. It allows users to create a "hub" with a mix of content including a personal and "friends" area, news with RSS feeds, photos, message boards, calendars, blogs, music and videos, jobs, a marketplace and other content in a tab-based presentation.

The simple content platform is intended for resource-strapped businesses that lack internal resources or SEO expertise to build and maintain their web presence. There is no limit to the content volume, said Peter Tosto, CEO of WooEB. "We have companies who have been with us in beta who have thousands of blog posts or press releases."

One difference between WooEB and many stand-alone websites is that can search all site members' content and -- unlike FaceBook, LinkedIn or other social network sites -- WooEB hubs are visible to all Internet users; visitors do not need to join or sign up.

In addition, WooEB content is visible to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing can improve SEO. Aggregating all member content into one location will, according to WooEB, maximize search engine indexing, which in turn will improve SEO.

WooEB offers free accounts with advertising or paid "ADit" accounts that allow businesses to insert their own messages in the ad space on their "hub." ADit costs $100/year for businesses, $30/year for musicians and artists and $10/year for individuals. Other paid services and applications are now in development.