10 Windows 10 Hacks To Maximize Your Experience

After a few months of using Windows 10, you may still be discovering its subtle features. Here we spotlight some handy shortcuts that can make the OS easier to navigate.
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Control Inside Edge
Desktop Window Manipulation
Using 'GodMode'
Manage Storage
Choose Background Apps

Ever since Microsoft first debuted Windows 10, the team has consistently updated the OS with new features and fixes. Windows Insiders have been the first to use these, but several upgrades have made their way to users since July 2015.

Last month, Microsoft launched a new website to document the changes made in each OS update. The site serves as a hub for historical information on all Windows 10 build releases and is edited to include new information with each upgrade.

The launch of the Windows 10 update history website was a sign of Microsoft's efforts to be more transparent about the problems addressed, security measures added, and new features built for Windows over time.

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Often, major Windows 10 updates are publicized ahead of time. For example, the company recently announced it is in the process of beta testing a new app designed to enable users to unlock their Windows 10 PCs remotely via Bluetooth.

Another news report, this one related to the HoloLens unveiled alongside Windows 10, indicates the company is experimenting with a new technology called holoportation. The 3D-capture technology will let you send high-quality models of people by reconstructing, compressing, and transmitting them anywhere in real time.

However, even with regular additions to Microsoft's update history website, it's possible for some of the smaller features in Windows 10 to slip through the cracks. Windows 10 is packed with subtle shortcuts and features you can use to customize your experience and make the OS easier to navigate.

Here, we spotlight some of the tricks in Windows 10 you may have missed in your everyday use. Would you adopt any of these shortcuts? Do you have any to add to the list? All additions are welcome.


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