Steve Jobs's Email Revealed

Jobs's 2010 email to executives reveals how closely he followed business moves by competitors.

 A year before he passed away, Steve Jobs sent an email to the Apple executive team outlining in bullet points priorities for their annual strategy planning meeting. Samsung submitted the email as evidence in defense of charges it infringes five Apple patents.

Access to such private communications and other company confidential documents are among the most fascinating by-products of cases such as Apple v Samsung. Overall this email -- the full text of which is on the following page -- shows Jobs kept his finger on the pulse of all aspects of Apple's business down to fine details such as the following:

  • iPad 2
  • new ID, H4, UMTS + Verizon in one model, cameras, ...
  • EVT units & cases
  • HDMI dongle (use for projection of demos below?)

The email also shows Jobs's focus on high-level strategy and technology issues such as rising competition from Google and the cloud. His email specifically called out to Apple top execs:

  • 2011: Holy War with Google
  • all the ways we will compete with them

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