Windows 10 Preview: How To Try It, Safely

Want to test drive the Windows 10 Technical Preview without screwing up your computer? Windows 8.1's built-in virtualization technology makes it easy.

(in other words, not the Action panel on the right that you used before).

2. From the Action menu, select "New," then "Virtual Machine."


3. A wizard for your new VM will launch. Select "Next" on the first screen (titled "Before You Begin") then, on the following screen, enter the name of the VM you created in Step 2.4. After you've typed the VM's name, select "Next."

4. On the next screen, which is labeled "Specific Generation," select "Generation 1." "Generation 2" is acceptable as well but is only advisable if you want to activate advanced features in the Preview, such as Secure Boot. Once you've chosen the appropriate version, select "Next."


5. On the following screen, labeled "Assign Memory," allocate at least 2048 MB of memory to your VM by typing into the "Startup memory" field. Once you're done, select "Next."

6. On the subsequent screen, labeled "Connect Virtual Hard Disk," select "Create a virtual hard disk," which will be the top option listed in the main frame.

7. In the "Size" field, assign at least 20 GB of storage. Then select "Next."

8. On the next screen, labeled "Installation Options," select "Install an operating system from a bootable CD/DVD-ROM." Under the "Install an operating system from a bootable CD/DVD-ROM" heading, select the radio button for "Image file (.iso)."

9. On the same screen, select "Browse," which is located to the right of the "Image file (.iso)" button. Once the file-browsing window opens, locate the Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO file you downloaded at the beginning of Step 3. Then, select "Next."

10. On the following screen, labeled "Summary," confirm that the VM options listed in the "Description" field are correct, per the previous steps. If not, select "Previous" to move backward through the process and make any necessary changes. If the options are satisfactory, select "Finish."

11. Wait while the system prepares your new VM. Once the process is complete, right click or hold-press the listing for the VM you just created. You should find the listing under the "Virtual Machines" frame, above the "Checkpoints" frame and to the left of the "Actions" column.

12. From the right-click menu, select "Start." Your VM's "State" should change from "Off" to "Running."


13. Right click or hold-press your VM's listing again. This time, select "Connect" from the right-click menu. After connecting, the VM will load in a new window.

14. From here, you can install the Windows 10 Technical Preview in your new virtual environment.