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Apple Offered Patent Cross-License to Samsung

When Apple decided that Samsung Galaxy smartphones infringed on its patents, it offered a patent license to Samsung, with a discount for cross-licensing Samsung's relevant patents.

As reported in the AllThingsD blog, it came out in the Apple-Samsung patent trial Friday that Apple had offered a patent license to Samsung when it first decided that Samsung's phones infringed its patents.

The offer was $30 per smartphone and $40 per tablet, with a 20% discount if Samsung cross-licensed its patents. Although Apple's complaints had to do with Android phones, its offer required royalties on Samsung's non-Android phones, including those running Symbian and Bada.

Apple's offer to Samsung, included below, was referenced by Apple patent licensing director Boris Teksler during his testimony at the trial Friday.

Click here for a PDF of Apple's October 5, 2010 offer to Samsung.

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