Face-To-Face Banking With A Video Twist

Video-based personal teller machines are helping Five County Credit Union extend its reach while shrinking its footprint.
When executives at Bath, Maine-based Five County Credit Union began planning for a new branch in a 500-square-foot area inside the Skowhegan, Maine, Wal-Mart, they knew they needed to think creatively about how to serve customers in the space. In such confined quarters, they simply didn't have room for the components of a traditional branch.

The credit union already had branches in five other Wal-Marts, but it never had been challenged with such a limited footprint, according to Mike Foley, VP of sales and business development for Five County ($186 million in assets). The institution found its answer in the recently patented uGenius Video Banking System, developed by Sandy, Utah-based uGenius Technology. With the system, a customer uses a personal teller machine (PTM) in the branch to interact with a live teller who's located remotely in a video call center.

The uGenius system enables functionality beyond videoconferencing by giving the teller remote control of PTM peripherals, says Gene Pranger, uGenius developer and CEO. "They have the ability to not only talk with customers, but to be able to receive cash, checks and any type of deposit, and to dispense cash, checks, and coins directly to the customer," he explains. "They can do almost any type of transaction that a traditional teller can have in a branch."

The Skowhegan Wal-Mart branch houses two uGenius PTMs, along with a traditional ATM and Gene Pranger-designed SmartOffices--which he describes as a "flexible furniture and technology solution" that allows customers to interact with specialists and open new accounts via videoconferencing.

"We felt this scenario would allow us to still provide a full-service location with our expanded hours, but without a lot of the traditional requirements, whether they be an actual teller line or a manager's office or the safe room," explains Five County's Foley. "We get a lot of the same function but within a smaller space."

So far, the new in-store branch has been well received since opening in April, says Foley. While he declines to provide specific metrics, he says customers are using the uGenius PTMs for transactions including deposits, check cashing and transfers, and are opening new accounts in the SmartOffices.

Beyond conquering size constraints, the uGenius technology has enabled Five County to expand into northern Maine, while centralizing its resources at the same time. "We knew we'd be able to go into it without having to hire, for example, five employees at a branch location," explains Foley. "We leveraged our staff by focusing that employee growth on the call center side."

Because Five County's call center already was open to support branches during expanded hours, no big modifications were needed to staff the PTMs, Foley relates. The biggest adjustment for employees, he says, came with the addition of video. "They needed to change their mind-set from taking inbound phone calls or making outbound phone calls to face-to-face interactions via the video banking system," he says. "They already had the knowledge and the skill set to handle the PTM transactions."

In terms of infrastructure to support the system, Five County chose to go with fiber optics instead of the T1 network that the uGenius system usually runs on. "We wanted to make sure that the audio and video quality were as crisp as possible," notes Foley.

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