How To Sync Evernote With Google+

Evernote and Google+ are a good team. Here's how to make them work together.

Google+ is a great tool for collaborating with colleagues and staying up-to-date with your social network. Evernote is my favorite cross-platform note-taking and bookmarking tool. Combine Google+ and Evernote, and you've got something pretty powerful. Here’s how to use Google+ and Evernote together--by sending Google+ conversations into Evernote.

Start by updating Evernote to ensure you are using the latest version. Click Help, Check for updates.

If updates are available, hit Download and Install. The Evernote Wizard will walk you through the installation process.

Once the update has finished, it’s time to get the email address you'll use to post updates into your default Evernote notebook. Click Tools, Account Info.

Right click your email address. Hit Copy. Click Close when you're done.

Now that you've copied your Evernote email address, jump over to your Google+ account and open Circles.

Create a new circle by hovering over the blank circle and selecting Create circle.

Name the new circle Evernote. Now click Add a new person.

Paste in the email address from your Evernote account and click the blue "Add" box that pops up.

Give the new address/Google+ contact a name. I recommend you call it something like Evernote or Evernote Drop, as I do in my example below. Hit Save.

Click Create circle with one person.

Looking at your list of circles, notice your new Evernote circle has been created and has one member in it.

Now it's time for the magic. Jump back to your Google+ Stream and click Share on something shared with you.

Add a message. Then click Add circles or people to share with.

Type Evernote and click the Evernote Circle.

Ensure the box is checked. Email one person you know who is not yet using Google+ and click Share.

Because you added the Circle that has your Evernote email address in it, the Google+ share will be posted both to your Google+ account and your Evernote Account.

Open Evernote and Click Sync to expedite the sync between Google+ and your Evernote account.

Open your default Evernote Notebook to find the Google+ message you just sent to Evernote. There it is. Fantastic!

Although in my example I demonstrated how to send a friend's interesting Google+ post to my Evernote account, the process works for any Google+ post, including ones you send to yourself, like below.

Do you have a Google+ or Evernote tip? I'd love to hear about it. Email [email protected] or just comment below.

Based in Seattle, Steve Krause is a senior contributor at BYTE. Follow him @krausesteve or email him at [email protected]

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