iPhone, Android Camera Phone Lenses Announced By Photojojo

The wide-angle macro and fisheye lenses attach to a camera phone using a detachable magnetic ring claimed to provide a "sturdy, shake-free hold."
Photojojo Launches Camera Phone Lenses
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Photojojo Launches Camera Phone Lenses
Photojojo has introduced add-on lenses for camera phones, giving shutterbugs a few more options to improve their photos.

The inexpensive lenses include a combo wide-angle/macro lens and a fisheye lens. The former sells for $20 and the latter $25. As a bundle, the new products cost $40.

The lenses attach to a camera phone, including Apple's iPhone and Google Android-based phones, using a detachable magnetic ring. Photojojo claims the ring provides a "sturdy, shake-free hold" to the phone.

The wide-angle/macro lens has two functions. First is the ability to capture wider shots, which would be useful, for example, in taking pictures of a crowd at a concert. The macro function is for clearer close-up shots, focusing from 0.4 to 0.9 of an inch from the subject.

The fisheye lens gives photographers the option of having a little fun with their subjects. The lens curves the edges of the picture, so subjects look like they're in a plastic bubble.

Photojojo, which makes a number of camera accessories, is taking pre-orders for the news lenses, which are scheduled to ship in mid-September. The lenses are less than inch in diameter and roughly a half-inch in length.

Since the first introduction of the commercial camera phone in 2001, the technology has improved steadily, with many today with resolutions up to 12 megapixels. In May, Sharp took the technology further in announcing that it would begin production on the world's first 3D camera system for mobile phones and other portable devices by the end of the year.

The module will be capable of capturing high-definition, 720p video images, Sharp said. The system uses two small lenses that can simultaneously capture separate images for the left and right eyes to create synchronized, 3D pictures.


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