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Mac Sales Boost Apple's Revenue Up 38%

Apple shipped 2.5 million Macs during the quarter, a 41% increase from a year ago.
Apple on Monday reported strong profits and a 38% increase in revenue in the fiscal third quarter as sales of Macintosh computers continued to soar.

The company said revenue rose to $7.46 billion in the quarter ended June 28, and profits reached $1.07 billion, or $1.19 a share. During the same quarter a year ago, profits were $818 million on revenue of $5.41 billion. International sales accounted for 42% of the most recent quarter's revenue.

Gross margin, however, fell year to year to 34.8% from 36.9%.

"We're proud to report the best June quarter for both revenue and earnings in Apple's history," Steve Jobs, chief executive of Apple, said in a statement. "We set a new record for Mac sales, we think we have a real winner with our new iPhone 3G, and we're busy finishing several more wonderful new products to launch in the coming months."

Apple shipped 2.5 million Macs during the quarter, a 41% increase from a year ago. Revenue rose by 43%. The company sold 11 million iPods, 12% more than a year ago. Revenue from the portable media players was up 7%. Apple sold 717,000 iPhones in the fiscal third quarter, compared with 270,000 a year ago.

Apple predicted that revenue in the fiscal fourth quarter would reach $7.8 billion and earnings would be about $1 a share.

Gartner this month reported that Apple in the second quarter of this year was the third-largest PC maker in the United States, with shipments increasing slightly more than 38%. Rival IDC, however, listed the Mac and iPod maker fourth, with a growth rate of nearly 32%.

Dell was the market leader in the United States in terms of shipments, and Hewlett-Packard was second.