Moore's Law At 50: In The News

Here's a sampler of some of the best of the reports that marked the official anniversary of Moore's Law on Sunday, April 19.

Google News tracked 116 articles on the official 50th anniversary of Moore's Law on April 19. I'm amazed the number is so small given the website sometimes serves up thousands of articles on hot topics.

Without Moore's Law there would be no Google News or a whole host of much more significant innovations too numerous to mention. So, let me point to just a few of the good articles on the topic I clicked through on Sunday.

My favorite by far is the special report compiled by IEEE Spectrum, which includes interviews with Gordon Moore and Carver Mead -- each with their share of lively anecdotes.

The San Jose Mercury News, arguably Moore's hometown newspaper, published a good ground-up on the topic. The Wall Street Journal published a sobering treatment that noted one analyst's estimate that it now costs $132 million to make a leading-edge chip -- you really, really want to avoid a re-spin these days.

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