YouTube Charts Most Popular Videos

Tool tracks, ranks clips by top 100 subscriptions, ratings, viewings, and other measures.

Image Gallery: Top 10 Google Videos
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YouTube released "YouTube Charts," a tool that lets subscribers see how their favorite videos and creators stack up against each other.

Like the music industry's Billboard magazine or the popular "American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest," YouTube Charts lets fans see trends, such as the videos gaining the most subscribers, and the most liked and the most-viewed videos. Users can sort charts by the day, week, month, or all-time, said Matt Darby, product manager, in a company blog. YouTube Charts lists the top 100 in each category.

"What's the latest in the all-time most viewed video smack-down between [Justin] Bieber and [Lady] Gaga?... Who grabbed more subscribers this month, ShayCarl or Annoying Orange?" said Darby. "These are the big questions on the lips of the YouTube community."

(At 11:00 EDT Thursday, Bieber led in all-time viewership over Lady Gaga, according to YouTube Charts.)

Similar services are available elsewhere on the Internet. VidStatsX, for example, provides an array of tracking methods including top 10 subscribed, top 50 subscribed, and top 500 subscribed, as well as gainers over the past 24-hours, seven days, and 90 days, according to the website. Subscribers also may continue searching videos by topic or creator: In June, for example, Information Week collected together some of the funniest YouTube videos about Google.

People watch 2 billion videos a day on YouTube, uploading hundreds of thousands of videos daily, according to the video-sharing site. About 51% of subscribers visit the site at least once a week, YouTube said. YouTube Mobile now shows 100 million video playbacks per day.

In July, YouTube began allowing content creators to upload videos of up to 15 minutes in length. Previously, YouTube content partners were allowed to publish longer videos, but non-members were restricted to 10 minutes or less.

Earlier that month, the popular video-sharing site released a new version of its mobile website, featuring an enhanced interface optimized for touch-based interaction.

"We'd love to hear your suggestions on which charts you'd like to see. Best newcomer? Most shared video? Fastest to a million views?" Darby said.