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ServiceNow Revamp Stars Cloud Provisioning

Cloud Provisioning acts as a virtual machine orchestrator for VMware and Amazon Web Services cloud environments.
Peter Agumaneiz, VP of tool and automation at financial services insurance firm AIG, said ServiceNow works as a replacement for 30 service desks formerly resident inside AIG, where it has become "the one system of record." It serves as the incident and problem reporting system throughout AIG and has been chosen by AIG developers as their preferred development platform, he said.

Ves Kjenstad, executive director of service provider governance at Bristol-Myers Squibb, said her firm used to have 52 different ways to measure "time to resolution," once a trouble ticket was issued in response to a problem. Now it has a clearer method for eight measures, and a way of seeing on the ServiceNow dashboard how much time is left before an unresolved trouble ticket leads to a breach of its service level agreement, she said.

Allison Collop, global IT director for Coca-Cola, said her firm supports app use around the globe with ServiceNow and "has been able to standardize" on its services for IT processes and procedures. Coca-Cola "runs the business of IT on ServiceNow," she said, including how it manages contracts with website building firms around the world.

Paul Cassell, CIO of NYSE Euronext, said his stock exchange has based compliance reporting to the SEC on ServiceNow reporting capabilities. The former, more manual process often resulted in 50 clicks and "a cloud of dust," or failure to generate the correct report, he said. Now the reporting process has shaved 20 hours of compute time needed to produce the business-critical compliance reports, he said.

Reggie Acloque, information management leader at GE Energy, said his business unit spent more time debating what tool to use than it did implementing the new system when it chose ServiceNow as the basis for its augmented engineering support for field technicians. The comment drew an appreciative laugh from the audience. "We use ServiceNow to automate business processes" that provide the support to technicians repairing turbines and generators in the field. The unit is a major component of GE, generating $28 billion in revenue. The new support system has taken $2 million off support costs so far, Acloque said.

These customers have implemented ServiceNow multi-tenant services to reduce costs and take the friction out of interactions with IT users, Slootman said in his keynote. "We're not trying to re-invent the help desk. We're trying to eliminate it," he said.