Macworld: New Software Puts Macs To Work

Vendors launched a passel of Mac software at Macworld, including upgrades to Microsoft Office, new speech-recognition and storage options, and a long-awaited task-management app, Things.
Also Worth Noting

Solid Thinking, a 17-year-old company with industrial design software for the Mac, which had been focused on the Italian market, made its software available globally.

Active Storage demoed an iPhone application that allows users to remotely monitor and manage the company's Mac network storage systems. The company is waiting to release the iPhone app until Apple releases an upcoming version of the phone operating system that will support limited background operation of third-party applications.

And in other Macworld news, covered elsewhere on InformationWeek:

Finally, for Apple, it wasn't a show about big announcements, but it did launch a couple of meaty product upgrades. Apple upgraded its 17" MacBook Pro, launched a plan to eliminate DRM from the iPhone music store, and upgraded its iLife and iWork suites.

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John Edwards, Technology Journalist & Author
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