Samsung Brings TouchWiz Tech To U.S

The finger-friendly interface allows for specially designed widgets to give cell phones one-touch access to the Web, weather, and stocks.
As more and more touch-screen phones hit the market, the user interface becomes increasingly important. With this in mind, Samsung announced Thursday it would bring its TouchWiz UI to U.S. cell phones.

TouchWiz is a finger-friendly interface that uses specially designed widgets to give users one-touch access to the Web, weather, stocks, and more. The widgets are organized in a tray on the left side of the phone's home screen, and users can add different widgets to the tray to suit their preferences.

"Samsung's TouchWiz interface has been a huge hit overseas and we're excited that it is coming to several new Samsung phones in the United States," said Bill Ogle, chief marketing officer for Samsung Mobile, in a statement. "TouchWiz is all about customizing your phone to make it look and work just the way you want it to. The fun and exciting possibilities with TouchWiz include one-touch access to your photos, instant message conversations, music library, and much more."

Samsung said the UI can include carrier-specific widgets for easy access to a mobile operator's services. For example, it would be possible for Verizon Wireless to create TouchWiz widgets for access to Verizon's V Cast music and video services.

TouchWiz can be put onto feature phones, and it can also be layered on top of other operating systems like it is with the Samsung Omnia. The company said it expects to launch several touch-screen handsets with TouchWiz in late 2008 and early 2009, but the company did not specify which models would come to the United States.