Yahoo Enhances Flickr Video

Photo-sharing site is embracing high-definition video.
Yahoo has enhanced its video on Flickr to expand members' ability to upload video, enable high-definition video uploading and viewing, and use a timeline feature to see when events happen around the world.

Yahoo announced Monday that all Flickr members can now upload video, although free members are limited to two videos a month. Free members currently get 100 MB for monthly photo uploads. The company also said it will allow Pro members to upload HD videos, but all members will be able to view them.

"With the recent introduction of Nikon's D90, Canon's EOS 5D Mark II, Flip Mino HD, and others, it's even easier to shoot videos in HD," Flickr general manager Kakul Srivastava said in a blog post. "Because our focus has always been on allowing our members to showcase their vision in the best way possible, we're also enabling HD video uploading and viewing today."

Finally, Srivastava said that Flickr's new clock will allow members to show and discover when videos were shot so viewers can see a timeline. He urged members to use the feature when uploading their best videos. Flickr Clock allows viewers to see what's happening at different moments in time, he said. The "clock" is set up like a bar graph with slices of images along a timeline. Viewers can explore certain periods of time, popular tags, recent updates, and more.

Flickr introduced video less than a year ago by allowing Pro members to upload short video clips. "It's been truly amazing to see how creative our members can get using this medium," Srivastava said.

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