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Directory of services and numbers of professions, companies and institutions in the State of Kuwait

Your Guide to Kuwait

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Health technician in Kuwait

The best sanitary technician in Kuwait where we have experience in plumbing and sewerage. Call now to clean the sewers of Kuwait and install filters in Kuwait as soon as possible and anywhere in Kuwait.

Health Technician in Kuwait - Technician Sanitary Ware - Health Teacher - Teacher Sanitary Ware, Sanitary Plumber Plumbing Plumber Sanitaryware Plumber Shaker in Kuwait Abi Spike Closest Teacher Sanitary Ware, Sewer Wastewater, Water Pressure, Air Conditioning Installation of filters for drinking water, Installation of filters for washing machines, Maintenance of American filters, Installation of filters for drinking water, Installation of filters for washing machines, Maintenance of American filters

We do all health work

Cracking and extension baths

Installation of pumps

Installation of conventional and central heaters

Installation of Jura

Detect and treat the sacrum

Installation of saws

Manually clean the ducts with the latest manual

Health Technician

Health technician in Kuwait

Kuwait Health Technician

Sewage drains

Sewage of Kuwait sewers

Sewage sewer in Kuwait


Plumber number

Plumber in Kuwait

Kuwait plumber

Health teacher

Health teacher in Kuwait


Buying used furniture

We have over ten years of experience in Kuwait and we have provided our services to more than a thousand customers who are always looking for their services. We also look forward to becoming our permanent customers. If you want to sell any used furniture or buy used furniture at any time. To be the first to reach us, Kuna has many customers who benefit from our services in buying used furniture

Buying used furniture

We buy used furniture

Purchase of used furniture

Buy a used apricot

Buying furniture

We buy furniture

Buy furniture

Buying used furniture


We buy used furniture


Purchase of used furniture


Buy a used apricot


Buying furniture


We buy furniture


Buy furniture


Transfer and relocation

And packaging of Kuwait, many customers in Kuwait City are looking for companies that transfer the dough to the customer, the transfer company and the packaging of Kuwait. This research is considered by some customers a hard and painstaking effort and leads to insomnia, tiredness and stress. Doing this process is a great deal of hardship and effort to find the company that wants it.

We, as a company of furniture transfer companies in Kuwait, we provide this effort and effort to the customer and we put the numbers of our company in every place of advertising so that he can access the right choice he wants.

We are also very grateful to the client for the best possible and available methods that you can reach to the right choice for a transfer company in Kuwait that transfers the nest to you without any hardship or fatigue

Transfer and relocation

Transfer of Kuwait

Transfer of clothes in Kuwait

Best Moving Company

Al Afsh Transport Company

Moving furniture


We buy cars

We buy all types of used cars in Kuwait. All types of cars are Japanese, American, German & European. We buy the highest prices .. Service 24 hours - We buy from the front of the house at the highest price of all cars - We buy cars Kuwait - Buy Scrap cars - For sale Cars Kuwait - We buy cars - We buy cars Holidays - We buy Scrap cars - We buy cars Scrap Kuwait

We buy cars

We buy used cars

Buy cars

Buying cars in Kuwait

They buy cars

We buy cars in Kuwait


A charity

The charity is overwhelmed

No Charitable Committee takes furniture

Charity Liliblice

No. Clothes alms

A charity takes clothes

Al - Zahra Charity Committee Kuwait

No. of Charity Committee in Kuwait

Used clothing donation

Donation of used furniture






A charity


Embrace charity




Electrical technician homes in Kuwait service 24 hours

Electrical technician for installation works and maintenance

ق Qassim >> Apartments >> Shops

توزيع Lighting distribution and distribution of overloads maintenance department maintenance of all faults wherever the accident and holidays

تركيب Installation of suspensions

تركيب Installation of distribution boxes and cobalt

بلاك Blacks .. Automatic.

تمديد Extension of telephone lines.

ص Maintenance of landlines.

تمديد Internet extension.

تمديد Extension of DCL networks.

تمديد Routing extension and maintenance of all Internet faults.

جميع All technicians .. Our services 24 hours .. Cover all areas of Kuwait.

هاتف Phone Press the number and you will be connected directly.

Electricity works from businesses that need a specialized technician, because they are technical things and dealing with them seriously, may expose the life of the person to death, we do all the work of electricity, lighting houses, electrical connections, electricity repair, and many other services.

Electrical technician - electricians - electric household - 24 hour service - electrical extensions - extensions for indoor and outdoor vouchers with black structure - we do all electrical work - repair maintenance and repair - repair new building shorts.


Services Offered by Electrical Technician Kuwait:

1 - Examination of electricity.

2 - Extension of electricity and light fixtures.

3 - Extension of electricity for all new rooms.

4- Repairing the electricity of all shops.

5. Extension of new electrical cables.

6- Installation of Spot Light.

7. Repairing the electricity of houses.

8. Repair all types of engines for all electrical appliances 24 hours.

9 - Download all types of electrical connections to all areas, houses, villas and industrial areas.

10- Kuwait Service Center.

Install all kinds of Spot Light Pendants Ready to receive your calls anytime within 24 hours.

Electric technician 24 hour service Repair all electrical faults Installation of chandeliers and Spotlight Add to hidden lattices Installed Led All regions Temdimkhimat Bar and chalets All regions of Kuwait

Kuwait electric teacher

Call now the best electrical technician in Kuwait with high efficiency, we have great experience in the field of electricity services, 25 years experience, our prices are not competitive compared to other companies operating in Kuwait.

El Marwa Company is the first company in the field of electrical services and we perform all electrical services from installation, repair, maintenance and lighting. We operate 24 hours in all areas of Kuwait.

Tips to save electricity at home

Electrical technician homes in Kuwait

Electrical technician houses

Electrical Technician


Electrical technician in Kuwait

Electrical Technician Kuwait

Kuwait Satellite Technician

Satellite TV Kuwait in all governorates of Kuwait and its environs Satellite technician more than 15 years experience in the field of satellite, satellite installation and programming Receiver and maintenance and all the services you require We provide you 24 hours a day in all areas of Kuwait and 24 hours a week, we get to your door as soon as possible We provide the best service with precision, experience and high skill with guarantee, and in a short time.

Kuwait Satellite Center 24 Hours Service Mobile Maintenance Center

Kuwait Satellite Technician

Satellite Technician in Kuwait

Satellite Technician

Kuwait Satellite Repair Technician

Satellite repair technician

Satellite TV

Adaptation Technician

Central air conditioning technician

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Companies

Central air conditioning repair

Central air conditioning maintenance

Central air conditioning repair 24 hours

24 hour central repair

Repair of air conditioners

Adaptation Technician

Kuwait Conditioning Technician

Adaptation Technician

In those difficult times when air conditioning services are disrupted in the hot summer season in Kuwait, you will have to wait for hours or even days for the official technician contact to maintain central air conditioning and repair the problem. However, if you are continuing with a central air conditioning technician or a Kuwait air conditioning technician and an experienced and reliable central technician for central air conditioning repair or air conditioning repair, it will cost you one connection and repair will be repaired as soon as possible

Repair of air conditioning units of Kuwait

Repair works of all kinds

There are usually two types of Kuwait air conditioning maintenance, one related to regular service based on periods while the other is repair of holidays in cooling and air conditioning system.

The first type can be delayed for some time but the second type needs urgent intervention. If the buildings are equipped with a system or repair of Kuwait air conditioning units or an air conditioning technician, you may need urgent service as it is possible to spread the holidays in the buildings in full

The best technicians, a Pakistani air conditioning technician and an Indian air conditioning technician. Therefore, urgent assistance is required from a central air conditioning repair to reach the home or business as soon as possible. From here, comes the Kuwaiti repair services, which is the most convenient, fast, efficient and highly skilled repair company

Indian adaptation technician in Kuwait

24-hour air conditioning repair services Kuwait 7 days

Being the leading Kuwait central air conditioning company, Kuwait Reiter will respond as soon as possible to your call for air conditioning repair. You will find our services for a technician with only one connection and a 24 hour technician will be in front of your doorstep within a few minutes.

Maintenance air conditioning units are always ready to answer 24/7 contact, so, we are proud to repair the central air conditioning units as soon as possible so you can count on us with confidence.

If you are calling for some information regarding planned service or general maintenance of central air conditioning units, a guide can also be provided to you by a highly experienced central air conditioning technician and expert on routine service matters

Air conditioning technician in Kuwait

Central air conditioning technician in Kuwait

Repair of air conditioning

Repair of air conditioning in Kuwait


Kuwait Crane

Crane Kuwait is the best solution to the problems of faults on the highway, where we provide the latest Crane Crane pull cars from other cars to prevent accidents or traffic congestion on the road, Crane Kuwait is located on the highways in the city of Kuwait only Be sure to have the phone numbers of the workshop to get the service Pull the Crane fast and safe, through the best drivers and towing cranes.

Kuwait Crane Switch

Kuwait Crane Switch provides all its customers with the latest types of locomotives and the way by which your car can be towed from the road to the maintenance workshop that repairs your vehicle. We are keen to get our customers satisfied by providing technical support for your car malfunctions In Kuwait, always be aware of the number of Kuwait winch to make it easier for you to help you in a timely manner.

No. Crane surface Kuwait

There are many car towing workshops, but the Kuwait winch offers you the best Kuwait Crane, which provides its customers with quick and distinctive service through the best employment and the leaders of Cranes and cranes, where we get you in time through the fastest modern clouds, just contact us quickly to get you In just a few minutes,

Winch number in Kuwait Best winch to transport all types of cars

We provide excellent service in towing and towing all kinds of cars of any size or type, while providing all the safety factors during transportation from the road or in front of your home or work, whatever the place of holidays; to get to the nearest workshop to repair the holidays, but in the winch Kuwait offer a special service to repair all Car breakdowns in our own workshops. We also provide all spare parts for Japanese, Korean and German cars. We also provide all maintenance of the Peugeot, BID and other cars.

Kuwait Cars Winch

In Kuwait Winch we provide all types of cranes that are towed and towed all kinds of cars, buses and half-loaded vehicles. We also pull out the large transport vehicles that are often disrupted while driving on highways.


Kuwait Crane

Crane in Kuwait

World Crane

Jahra winch


Kuwait Exchange

Its surface

Its surface is Kuwait

Ceramic installation

Ceramic installation teacher in Kuwait

Ceramic installation teacher

Ceramic teacher

Installation of ceramics in Kuwait

The installation of ceramics Kuwait types of tiles is now one of the most important processes by the ceramic installation teacher Kuwait, it gives an attractive and elegant view of the house or country or companies restaurants and hotels and many places no one now dispense with the existence of ceramics in the place because it adds to the beauty home in terms and forms Ceramic, porcelain, marble & parquet decorations. Ceramic installation teacher performs all finishes works in all places. The company offers the finest raw materials & the lowest prices that suit all customers & get all what is new, modern & advanced.

Ceramic Installation of Kuwait

Ceramic Installation Company Kuwait specialized in the installation of ceramics, marble, granite and porcelain activity since

From many years in the field of finishes with a comprehensive ceramic installation teacher they have become a leading company

At a high level in Kuwait and has a trained technical staff to achieve excellent work in quality levels

And have access to certificates of experience in the private profession to the ceramic installation teacher Kuwait has the knowledge of installation of ceramic villas

Installation of ceramic tiles, ceramics installation of houses, palaces, projects and many places, which is specialized in this field

And has a long experience over the years at the beginning of the work to be sure of the level of doors until the installation

Determining the starting point from which it should determine the thickness of the joints between the tiles and make sure the thickness of the marble plate

Below the ceramic where not more than 10 cm and should follow the process of installation step by step until the acquisition of the correct installation process.

Ceramic installation

Ceramic technician in Kuwait

Ceramic Technician

Kuwait Ceramics Technician

Google Ads

Google Ads

Declaration of financiers

Advertising a financier on Google

Google Advertising

Multi Maka

The most versatile American product of the US is the effect of its effect on the prevalence of sexual desire, potency, energy and increased brain signaling rates to increase sexual desire

It is a natural product extracted from the maka grass, which is the sexual Inca and has been manufactured by the American company Forever

The acquisition of multi-maca has been widespread in the Gulf States of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States

Making many people who have sexual problems always looking for Forever products

There are some important questions among them

Multi Maka

Buy Multi Maka

The price of matic maka

Buy Multi Makka in Saudi Arabia

Multi Makka in Saudi Arabia

Where to sell matic maka

Multi Maka

Health Technician

Purchase of used furniture

Buying used furniture

Transfer and relocation

A charity

We buy cars


Satellite Technician

Repair of air conditioning


Its surface


Ceramic installation

Google Ads

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