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posted in March 2009

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Google's Stimulus Package: A Venture Capital Fund
News  |  3/31/2009
The company will invest up to $100 million in consumer Internet, software, hardware, clean-tech, bio-tech, and health care startups through Google Ventures.
Apple, Dell, Intel Sued Over Encryption Patent
News  |  3/31/2009
The PACid Group named 19 tech companies in its lawsuit claiming infringement of its patent on generating encryption keys.
Video Game Play Improves Eyesight
News  |  3/30/2009
A research study showed that playing first-person shooters like Unreal Tournament 2004 and Call of Duty 2 improves vision.
Google China Starts Offering Free Music Downloads
News  |  3/30/2009
Google's partner and music source is, a 4-year-old Beijing-based company that aims to promote licensed online music distribution in China.
Faceless Twitter Users Exposed By Other Social Networks
News  |  3/27/2009
Just by comparing Flickr and Twitter, researchers connected the dots in the completely anonymous Twitter graph with only a 12% error rate.
Mac OS X Proof Of Concept Exploit Code Published
News  |  3/27/2009
The software has the ability to create a new system volume, call to some OS functions, and change the user ID, without administrative privileges.
Google Enhances Tools For Web Hosts
News  |  3/26/2009
The company is now offering hosting companies access to more search and advertising services.
Google Lets Go Of 200 Marketers
News  |  3/26/2009
The company says it's offering outplacement support and severance pay.
Google Shaping iGoogle Into Web's Front End
News  |  3/26/2009
The launch of gaming themes for iGoogle lets people express their personalities and interests, executive Marissa Mayer says.
Google Launches iGoogle Game Themes
Commentary  |  3/26/2009
After 10pm PST on Wednesday or thereabout, iGoogle users will have access to new game-oriented themes to decorate their personal pages.
Disperse The Cloud
Commentary  |  3/25/2009
The problem with online applications is that they put user data under someone else's control.
Google, Mozilla Back 3-D Acceleration Web Standard
News  |  3/25/2009
The Khronos Group will lead development of an open, royalty-free standard for presenting accelerated 3-D graphics online.
Firefox Browser Going On A Memory Diet
News  |  3/24/2009
Mozilla officials admit Firefox continues to rely on a monolithic architecture that can lead to instability and memory leaks.
Google Refines Presentation Of Search Results
News  |  3/24/2009
The search market-share leader's latest improvements come in the form of better search-term association and longer search results snippets.
YouTube Blocked In China, Again
News  |  3/24/2009
Last year, during the March riots in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa, China blocked access to YouTube.
MIT Graphene Chip Could Reach 1,000 Gigahertz
News  |  3/23/2009
Made of a one-atom-thick honeycomb lattice of carbon, the material could boost clock speeds in future electronics.
Google U.K. Street View Runs Into Privacy Issues
News  |  3/23/2009
The company over the weekend found itself denying that it had published Street View images depicting naked children.
Departing Google Designer Decries Focus On Data
Commentary  |  3/20/2009
Douglas Bowman, Visual Design Lead at Google, has decided to leave Google for an undisclosed opportunity. In a farewell note posted on his blog, he takes a swing at Google's data-centric, engineer-driven culture.
Twitter Vulnerability Exposed
News  |  3/20/2009
The XSS security issue allows attackers to inject malicious code into Web pages, including HTML and client-side scripts.
iPod Repairman Charged With Defrauding Apple
News  |  3/20/2009
Apple's warranty repair program for iPods allows customers to receive replacement units before the original nonfunctional music players are returned.
Google Offers Gmail 'Undo Send' Feature
Commentary  |  3/19/2009
Google's Gmail Labs now offers yet another way not to send a message.
Sony Stocks Its Shelves With Google E-Books
News  |  3/19/2009
The deal is sure to get the attention of Amazon, which has been building its Kindle e-book device into a respectable business.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Seeks Dominance
News  |  3/19/2009
Unfortunately for Microsoft, its most recent release isn't the only solution for using the Web today.
Microsoft To Offer Open Source Security App For Developers
News  |  3/18/2009
The company said its upcoming !exploitable Crash Analyzer software is a heuristics-based tool that improves with additional collaboration.
Google Launches Chrome Experiments To Showcase JavaScript's Power
News  |  3/18/2009
The search giant is using games, apps, and visualizations that push JavaScript to its limits to showcase the Chrome browser's capabilities.
Apple's iPhone 3.0 SDK Renews Developer Gold Rush
News  |  3/18/2009
The addition of an API for in-app payments is gaining particular notice from developers, who believe it will invigorate the mobile device market for e-books, game modules, and other kinds of digital content.
Cybersquatting Hits All-Time Record
News  |  3/17/2009
Concerns have even slowed a plan that ICANN announced last year to introduce new top-level domains.
Google Releases Faster Chrome Beta
News  |  3/17/2009
Among the new additions to Chrome include a new way to drag tabs out to arrange a side-by-side view.
Google Earth Used For Crimes: Pretend You're Surprised
Commentary  |  3/16/2009
When a thief uses a tool to commit a crime, the tool usually isn't featured prominently in the story unless it's particularly odd. "Car Used To Help Robbers Escape" would make a poor headline.
YouTube Mosquito Death Ray Spoof Now Real Research Project
News  |  3/16/2009
A former Microsoft CTO and an astrophysicist who worked on the Strategic Defense Initiative are collaborating on a system that kills mosquitoes with lasers to prevent the spread of malaria.
Apple's iPhone 3.0 Software Stokes Developer Hopes
News  |  3/13/2009
Developers and Apple fans chime in on the features they'd like to see in the new mobile operating system when the company reveals its hand March 17.
Yahoo Lights Friends On Fire
News  |  3/13/2009
The Facebook application based on Yahoo's Fire Eagle software lets social network friends know where you are and what you're up to.
Exploding iPod Touch Prompts Lawsuit Against Apple
News  |  3/13/2009
A Kentucky boy reportedly suffered second-degree burns on his leg from the music player purchased by his mother.
The Bill To Blur Google Earth
Commentary  |  3/12/2009
The satellite imagery in Google Earth and Google Maps is the equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded movie theater, which is to say that it's not protected by the First Amendment right to free speech.
Twitter's Future Looks More Social Than Commercial
News  |  3/12/2009
If Twitter keeps trending toward social interaction, its commercial opportunities may not be all they could be, according to an industry report.
IBM Demos Six Web 2.0 Apps
News  |  3/12/2009
The technology projects are designed to help people deal with the proliferation of online content in an increasingly browser-centric world.
Google Voice Rises To Replace GrandCentral
News  |  3/11/2009
New to the service will be the ability to receive SMS text messages sent to your Google Voice number on a mobile device, and sending messages from your Web-based Google Voice inbox.
Google Begins Behavioral Ad Targeting
News  |  3/11/2009
Eager not to be associated with contentious advertising practices, Google characterizes its interest-based advertising as a way to make ads more relevant and useful.
Microsoft Issues Three Patches For Eight Vulnerabilities
News  |  3/10/2009
A "critical" update resolves a vulnerability in the Windows kernel that could allow remote code execution if a user views a maliciously crafted EMF or WMF image file.
Apple's Trouble Handling Success
Commentary  |  3/10/2009
Apple's role as benevolent dictator of the iPhone ecosystem has pluses and minuses. Lately, however, it has become apparent that the company can't manage the control it insists upon. It risks becoming an incompetent dictator, and that's the kind of regime that's prone to collapse.
YouTube Blocks Music Videos In The U.K.
News  |  3/9/2009
YouTube's previous license with PRS for Music has expired, and the video-sharing site has been unable to reach a new agreement.
Stephen Wolfram's Answer To Google
News  |  3/9/2009
If Wolfram/Alpha works as advertised, it will be able to do something Google can't: provide answers that don't already exist in indexed documents.
Twitter Accounts Hacked By Porn Spammer
News  |  3/9/2009
About 750 Twitter accounts were broken into and had a link to a Webcam site posted on the accounts.
Google Solicits Planet-Saving Videos
Commentary  |  3/6/2009
Google wants you to use energy to save energy. In its latest scheme to save the planet, Google is asking anyone with a video camera to make and upload a video that illustrates the benefits of energy-efficient computing.
Apple's iTunes Store Challenged By Rogue Developers
News  |  3/6/2009
A developer has launched the Cydia Store, an unauthorized alternative online market for iPhone applications. At least two other developers have similar plans.
Craigslist Sued For Promoting Prostitution
News  |  3/6/2009
An Illinois sheriff says the classified ads Web site should stop allowing erotic services ads and reimburse law enforcement agencies for the costs of policing prostitution-related crime.
Device Promises Virtual Reality With Touch, Taste, And Smell
News  |  3/5/2009
The project team is using the term "Real Virtuality" to emphasize the goal of total perceptual immersion.
Google Health Enables Sharing Health Records
News  |  3/5/2009
The health records can now be available to friends, family, or doctors and other medical service providers.
Facebook Makeover Mimics Twitter
News  |  3/5/2009
The social networking site introduced a redesigned user home page, new public profiles for celebrities and organizations, and a change to status updates.
Job Seekers Targeted By Identity Thieves
News  |  3/4/2009
Fake job ads are up 345% over the past three years, according to one U.K. financial security association.
YouTube Wrestles With Scammer-Generated Content
News  |  3/4/2009
One ad, for example, offers stolen credit card numbers that purportedly have been skimmed from cruise liners, casinos, and hotels, with PINs captured by a covert camera.
Court Asked To Disallow Warrantless GPS Tracking
News  |  3/4/2009
The filing argues that GPS devices are growing more powerful.
Google Opens Code Labs To Test Developer Products
News  |  3/4/2009
The search giant's latest labs program is a place to shepherd unfinished or experimental developer products toward maturity and wide adoption.
Google Offers Free Analytics Course
News  |  3/3/2009
The search giant's online Web analytics course prepares users to take the company's Google Analytics Individual Qualification certification test.
YouTube Denies Being 'Ditched' By White House
News  |  3/3/2009
The Obama administration's Web site came under fire from privacy advocates as soon as it launched for using YouTube videos.
DEMO 09 Sees Focus On Mobile
News  |  3/2/2009
The number of enterprises deploying smartphones will grow rapidly over the next few years, as reflected by the number of products showcased for managing and securing these devices.
Government Keeping Its .Gov Domain Names Secret
News  |  3/2/2009
Despite a presidential promise of openness in government, GSA officials decline to release the full list for fear of cyberattack.
DEMO Videos Undermined By Social Media
News  |  3/2/2009
The message of startups could easily be missed amid the chatter that accompanied the live video feed of the presentations.

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