Bringing Security up to the Speed of the Cloud

There is no reason for security to lag behind and stick to old models when there are the capabilities and infrastructure to enable cloud-first network security. (From Network Computing)

Business decision-makers today are constantly looking for the most efficient way possible to leverage new applications to grow revenue. Seems like business basics, right? The applied version of this is that most businesses today are looking for this benefit without having to deal with the cost of building an infrastructure to support those applications. Nevertheless, at last, a solution has been provided, and now with the public cloud, businesses can do exactly that - deploy apps immediately without building datacenters, planning resiliency, racking hardware, and more. Essentially, these businesses are getting the benefit, with a lot less cost attached. This mentality and structure are rapidly becoming the normal expectation with regard to how businesses are adopting new technology.

One would assume this means security would also be keeping up with the rest of business adoption strategies. However, for one reason or another, many organizations cling to an outdated model where they still use a box-based model -- even in the cloud. There are many steps an organization hurdles before laying out the framework for their security strategy, such as the tremendous amount of work to deploy, maintain and use. However, once racked and plugged in, hardware really isn't that different than a software appliance.

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