Jive Customers Say Yes To Cloud

Jive customers like Nuance Communications have gone from traditional to cloud hosting, while Thomson Reuters plans to switch over its 60,000 employee social portal in 2014.
In addition to Thomson Reuters, Jive recognized several other customers and one consulting partner at its JiveWorld awards ceremony:

-- New Way to Business award for implementation across multiple teams: Schneider Electric, for an implementation in its Smart Infrastructure division. This was another example of simplifying collaboration infrastructure; the Schneider division whittled the number of intranet applications it was using from 25 to 8, and made Jive the hub for coordinating between them.

-- Engage Customers award for effective customer service with a Jive community: Eloqua, a division of Oracle, for effective use of gamification. This effort drove a key metric for customer engagement from 35 to 55 percent of community members.

-- Teaming award: Fidelity Investments, for using Jive to bridge the gap between field reps and national program owners. With social collaboration, Fidelity saw a reduction in email usage, with some employees receiving 500 fewer emails daily.

-- New Way to Lead: Mylan, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, which deployed Jive to accelerate the pace of change and innovation across the company. With strong executive support and involvement, the company launched its Jive community to more than 13,000 employees on the same day and within two months had more than 70 percent of employees registered and 50 percent active on a daily basis.

-- Engage Partners: Steelcase launched its Jive community a year ago to link and engage its dealers, customers and partners in the office furniture market.

--Extend Jive Award: Pokeshot, a European consulting firm, built a series of social business integrations with Jive, most recently one leveraging the new Purposeful Places API.

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