Nokia Adds Fox News To Its Media Network

A&E Network, Bio Channel, History Channel, and Hollywood Reporter also are now onboard Nokia's ad network to target cell phone users.
Nokia announced Wednesday it has signed several major U.S. publishers for its mobile advertising network.

Nokia Media Network will now provide content from Fox News, A&E Network, Bio Channel, History Channel, and Hollywood Reporter to U.S. subscribers. These companies join the likes of Reuters, Hearst, AccuWeather, and Sprint.

"We're very pleased to welcome these blue-chip publishers to the Nokia Media Network," said Tom Henriksson, head of Nokia's interactive advertising, in a statement. "These additions fortify the Nokia Media Network's reach in the United States, which has already been a well-performing advertising network, especially for advertisers in the entertainment, automotive, and mobile content sectors."

Nokia acquired Enpocket last year and used its analytics technology to launch the advertising network in February. The phone manufacturing giant wants to leverage its enormous reach to serve ads to its mobile audience, and it said it has a click-through rate of 10% in certain channels.

The advertising network is just the latest example of Nokia moving into other avenues beyond just manufacturing cell phones.

"The industry as a whole is in the middle of a transformation, and it's a very exciting time," Nokia's CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo told InformationWeek. "It's moving from a device industry to an experience industry, and we're making a conscious long-term effort to capitalize on that."

In the last year or so, Nokia has acquired Enpocket, Navteq, Twango,Plazes, and OZ Communications to beef up its social networking, messaging, and location-based service offering. The company said offering these additional services and applications will lure new people to Nokia handsets, as well as create additional revenue from existing customers.