8 Ways SaaS Delivers Business Value

Sure, software as a service still offers an easy point of entry for small and midsized businesses that need to upgrade their software. But today's cloud-based options offer even more for businesses of all sizes.
Low Cost Of Entry
Fast And Easy Deployment
Meaningful Service Level Agreements (SLA)
Clarity In Understanding What You Are Paying For
Ideal For Testing/Prototyping
No Infrastructure Management Overhead
Perfect For The Mobile Workforce
Customization Options

First, let's set the record straight. Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms are no longer only for small and midsized businesses. Early on, the primary business value of SaaS was that SMBs could suddenly afford to use the same enterprise software as the big boys. And it could be done on a small scale at a fraction of the cost. This newfound empowerment overshadowed all the other benefits that SaaS can offer customers big and small. But SaaS offerings and business benefits have grown immensely over the years.

Today, SaaS can be leveraged to squeeze the most business value out of any project for any sized organization. Keep in mind, SaaS isn't going to be the perfect solution for every enterprise project. But given the advantages the technology has over alternative software delivery methods, it should at least be considered at some point during your decision-making process.

When you think about value, the first thing to consider is whether the software you are looking at deploying is the right software for your company's needs. Fortunately, the SaaS market has gotten to the point where most enterprise application vendors offer a SaaS option. In some cases, SaaS is becoming the only option. So, from a software availability perspective, SaaS has you covered.

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The next thing to consider when looking at business value is what the SaaS model can offer your organization that other deployment models can't. It's here where business value is either gained or lost. Much of the value boils down to the purpose of the application needed, the amount of flexibility required, who your end users are, and the desire and ability to support the application.

Once you've reviewed the eight business benefits that SaaS can provide your company, tell us about your own experience with SaaS in the enterprise. Has it provided the value you anticipated? Or, do you wish you would have chosen a different software delivery model? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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