Mozilla Plans Open App Store

Firefox for Android OS also in the works, according to "The State of Mozilla" report.

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The Mozilla Foundation has released a sort of non-profit’s annual report, "The State of Mozilla," which provides a glimpse under the covers of the popular browser and e-mail provider.

The report also updates Mozilla’s plans for the mobile world. Firefox for the Android operating system will be available "in a few months," according to the report, which noted the Firefox 4 Beta was designed to appeal to end users as well as developers.

While Mozilla didn’t release specifics, it said it has designed a prototype of an "Open Web App ecosystem" that hints at creating an open app store platform that won’t be device-specific.

"The current app model also has traits that threaten some of the characteristics that have made the web so vibrant a platform, particularly in the mobile space," the report states. It went on to note that its prototype app ecosystem includes "a system design, technical documentation and examples of what such a system would look like and work like."

Mozilla said it is in a healthy position both financially and organizationally; its revenues have grown and rose to $104 million in 2009 from $78 million in 2008. The company noted that the majority of its revenue comes from search functionality from organizations like Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Amazon and eBay.

The largest piece of revenue comes from Google, with which it has enjoyed close ties. However, Google’s Chrome browser has been rapidly growing and could represent serious competition to Mozilla in the future. Mozilla said it has signed up about 400 million users, of which 140 million are active.


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