7 iPhone Apps Worth Paying For

Airsharing, NotepadSync, and Twittelator Pro are just a few of the inexpensive apps that can turn your iPhone or Touch into a more powerful tool.
5. Tipulator

Laugh at me if you want, but I have trouble calculating tips at restaurants. Tipulator, by Sophia Teutschler, solves that problem. Input the amount of your check into Tipulator, and Tipulator tells you how much to leave for a tip, and totals up the tab. It lets you specify the percentage tip you want to leave, total, total-per-person if you're splitting the check, and whether you want to round the tip up or down. Tipulator manages input through the thumbwheel, similar to the way you set alarm times using the iPhone and Touch's built-in Clock.

Tipulator helps you calculate gratuities.
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Yes, Tipulator is a dumb little app, and you can get the same results using the iPhone or Touch's built-in calculator -- but Tipulator is faster and easier, and it's whimsical. I use it every time I go out to eat, and I smile a little bit every time I use it. It's only $0.99. So, what the heck, live large, get Tipulator.

Download Tipulator from the App Store.

6. NotepadSync

I'm surprised at how much I like Jeyo's NotepadSync. When I bought it, all I was looking for was an application that would let me write plain, unformatted text notes on the iPhone, and synch them with the desktop, and vice-versa. But I got more than I expected.

Notepadsync requires users download and install a desktop app to synch notes with the desktop computer. Currently, only the Mac running Leopard is supported for the desktop app, but the developer says he plans support for other platforms. Files are stored on the Amazon S3 service, meaning that your desktop and iPhone or Touch can sync anywhere in the world, provided both devices have an Internet connection.

Notepadsync is a very simple application, and that's part of its charm. It doesn't try to do too much. However, it does have one additional gee-whiz feature: Individual paragraphs in your notes can be isolated with border lines, and you can drag text around by moving the boxes with your finger on the iPhone or Touch, or with your mouse on the desktop. That's a substitute for cut-and-paste, which the iPhone platform doesn't support. The text blocks make NotepadSync ideal for jotting down fast lists off the top of your head, and then moving items around as needed.

Notepadsync itself is free, but the sync service is $9.99 per year.

Download Notepadsync from the App Store.

7. Twittelator Pro

If you're just a casual Twitter user, you'll be happy with the free Twitterific. But if you're a Twitter power-user you need more, and you get more with Twittelator Pro. Both apps let you read and post links from your friends, but with Twittelator Pro, you can log on to multiple accounts at once, add a map link to your current location, upload photos, and post links to Twitter directly from Mobile Safari. Twittelator Pro shows you thumbnails of linked photos that other people upload using the TwitPic service. Twittelator Pro lets you search everybody's twitters, and save the searches, search for tweets by people near you, and "retweet" particularly apt messages from other people. It's $4.99.

Download Twittelator Pro from the App Store.

Download the free version.

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