Bill Day, CEO Of

Bill Day served as a VP at Prodigy, the online service that predates the modern Internet, and co-founded, a network of sites on 500 topics. Today, he heads, the "good" adware purveyor that wins praise, not jeers, from industry pundits.
Bill Day
CEO of

Interview by Eric Chabrow

Paul English, CTO of -- Photograph by Ken Schles

Photograph by Ken Schles
Internet Pioneer
"The value of working at Prodigy was to learn what didn't work. The people who worked there left with a wealth of knowledge about online consumer marketing."

Nonpracticing Engineer
Day holds a mechanical engineering degree from Yale. "A background in engineering sets up a critical thinking process that helps you throughout your career."

Runner Sans IPod
Day runs a 6-1/2-minute mile through the rolling hills of the Palisades in New Jersey. "When I run, I like to think and look around at the architecture. Instead of concentrating on pain, I look at homes and take mental notes."

Architect Wannabe
McMansions popping up in upscale neighborhoods waste space and energy, and Day sees a backlash coming. "I've done drawings on how to create living spaces that get the most out of space as opposed to grand, empty homes that feel cold."

Adware Furor
Day doesn't shy away from being associated with the taboo term. "I don't run from it. I think it's misinterpreted sometimes, but the reality is that the best way to deal with it is head on, as opposed to wishing it would go away."