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Bing Gets NFL Scores, Flight Info

Microsoft has added new features to its search engine with an eye to matching Google.
Microsoft has added several new features to the mobile version of its Bing search engine that are designed to make it more user friendly for portable device users.

The additions include direct links to real-time NFL scores and airline flight information. Microsoft also added a version of Bing that offers greater support for high resolution touch-screen devices like the iPhone.

"In addition to being a great resource for local searches, quick answers, and maps, we have some new features," said Microsoft's Justin Jed, in a blog post announcing the changes.

The NFL feature lets users enter a team name or player into a text box to see information about scores, schedules, and statistics. For instance, tapping in "Tom Brady" would yield data about the New England Patriots quarterback, including interceptions, touchdowns, and his QB rating.

The Flight Status tool delivers updated departure and landing times when airline and flight numbers are entered. Enhanced touch-screen support includes a Movies feature that lets users search for listings and show times in their area. It also offers trailers and plot summaries.

Bing's new touch-screen features are compatible with a number of phones, including iPhone, Zune HD, T-Mobile G1, Verizon Imagio, and Samsung Omnia.

"We'll be adding support for new devices over the next couple of months," said Jed.

Despite the new features, and a partnership with Yahoo that will see Microsoft add Bing to Yahoo's Web pages, Microsoft isn't having much luck catching Google in the search market. The most recent numbers from market watcher comScore show Google with 64.6% of the sector, with Microsoft holding 9.4%.

Microsoft introduced Bing in May.

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