Business Applications Get Extended

Vendor offers secure wireless access to business apps over PDAs, smart phones, and ruggedized handheld devices
Good Technology Inc., a wireless E-mail vendor, last week introduced GoodAccess, which lets businesses wirelessly access CRM, ERP, supply-chain management, business intelligence, and Microsoft Outlook applications. GoodAccess supports a variety of devices, including Hewlett-Packard's iPaq PDAs, smart phones, and ruggedized handheld devices. Customers can use cellular or Wi-Fi networks to make the wireless connection.

The technology will let retail managers scan bar codes and access inventory information from the store floor or let sales reps look up account details from the road. The software also can be used to push information such as new product data or order forms to handheld devices. Businesses have been slow to wirelessly enable applications because they're concerned about security and cost, IDC analyst Kevin Burden says. "Good is trying to take care of those excuses," he says. Good says it can ensure end-to-end security by encrypting wireless transmissions and providing the ability to remotely erase data and apps if a handheld device is lost or stolen.

Good, which says 4,000 companies use its GoodLink wireless E-mail technology, will face off against the market leader Research In Motion Ltd. and its popular BlackBerry wireless E-mail system. RIM also provides wireless access to a variety of enterprise applications. GoodAccess pricing starts at around $30,000.