CA Revamps Protection Suites

The new versions, designed for small and medium businesses, sport a common Web-based management console.
Computer Associates announced the second release of its Protection Suites, which use a common Web-based management console and an intuitive desktop dashboard.

The products, announced Monday, are expected to cut risks, system downtime and IT management costs. The suites are designed for small and medium businesses. They include: CA Desktop Protection Suite, CA Server Protection Suite, CA Business Protection Suite, and CA Business Protection Suite for Microsoft Small Business Server Premium Edition.

They provide layers of protection from viruses and spyware, while restoring and backing up critical information. They also ensure that user settings, preferences and data are transferred accurately to upgraded or new PCs. The Web-based management console allows users to centrally manage data protection tasks, users, policies and reports. The graphical dashboard simplifies antivirus, anti-spyware and data backup and migration operations.

A post-installation checklist ensures that client-side software is installed on all desktops and laptops. A single installation process eases set up and configuration, while automating compliance with backup policies.

The suites are available in 10 languages. They range in price from $325 to $1,099, and add-on packs can be purchased in increments of five, 10 and 20-user licenses.

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