CA To Private-Label Arkivio File Management Software

The Auto-Stor software will be added to CA's BrightStor product line and will compliment CA's e-mail management and archiving software.
CA on Wednesday announced an agreement in which it will private-label resell Arkivio's Auto-Stor enterprise file management software as part of an overall expansion of its storage management portfolio.

The Auto-Stor software will be added to CA's BrightStor product line, and will compliment CA's Message Manager e-mail management and archiving software, which it added in October through the acquisition of iLumin.

"Our customers have come to us and said while Message Manager is great for e-mail, they need a similar type of solution for their file systems," says Mike Gundling, VP of product development for CA. "There are a lot of the same issues in regards to being able to categorize, manage retention, and have life-cycle management of those file assets."

The Arkivio Auto-Stor classification system sorts data at a granular level, allowing value to be assigned based on key business criteria. Using a scoring system, the software policy engine leverages the information to execute policies that moves data among enterprise resources.

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