Cognos And Others Join Standards Group For Business-Performance Management

Formed earlier this year, the BPM Standards Group is creating core processes for apps.
The industry group developing business-performance-management standards has attracted some new recruits, including industry heavyweight Cognos Inc.

The BPM Standards Group, formed earlier this year, is developing a set of core processes for business-performance management and defining supporting technologies and methodologies. The group, including IT vendors, consultants, analysts, and systems integrators, expects to issue a framework later this summer.

Business-performance management combines planning and data analysis to develop strategic goals and track a company's progress toward those goals using financial and operational metrics.

Tuesday, the group announced that Cognos, Cartesis, Deloitte, Geac, OutlookSoft, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Unisys had joined. Cognos, a major force in business-performance-management apps, was absent when the group was created in March. The group's founders are Applix, BPM Partners, Hyperion, IBM, IDC, Meta Group, SAP, and The Data Warehousing Institute.

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