DATAllegro Offers TeraData Utilities

The utilities can move data and applications from Teradata, in order to add capacity or boost performance of the data warehouse.
DATAllegro has introduced a set of utilities for moving data to and from Teradata data warehouses and for migrating applications from Teradata to DATAllegro.

DATAllegro makes data warehouse appliances, which in general shoulder data-mart and niche-application demands in order to delay upgrades of the enterprise data warehouse for at least a few years. The new utilities add capacity or increase performance of Teradata data warehouses.

Stuart Frost, chief executive of DATAllegro, said in a statement that Teradata's architecture requires a large data center footprint that results in high costs. "DATAllegro's technology, with its non-proprietary platform, is very leading-edge and offers much higher performance per server -- around 10 times that offered by Teradata."

The Teradata utilities, launched on Tuesday, enable users to convert BTEQ production jobs with the DATAllegro DASQL batch client and convert DDL from Teradata to DATAllegro. In addition, DATAllegro can connect to the Teradata environment and extract table structures and data and import them.

DATAllegro uses an open, hardware-independent approach to the data warehouse appliance. It's grid-enabled design offers flexibility for multi-appliance, hub-and-spoke deployments.

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