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Readers letters from Feburary 13, 2006 issue
Look The Other Way

The entertainment industry is so anxious to have some sort of copy protection or pay-by-the-view arrangement that it will jump on any inventor's half-baked scheme ("Sony Rootkits: A Sign Of Security Industry Failure?," Nov. 18, 2005). And the inventors are so anxious for the big bucks, they'll ignore the realities.

John Herbster
Consultant, Herbster Scientific, Houston

Make Your RFID Case

The "final" RFID article was disappointing, not because of its content but the approach it took ("Authors Use Scare Tactics To Discredit RFID," Nov. 14, 2005). I'm not debating which view of RFID is more accurate ("Spychips" or yours), but at least "Spychips" presents what it purports to be facts and reasons from there.

If you want to make your case, try a reasonable approach where you establish what the facts really are.

Mike Dutch
Saratoga, Calif.

Practical Approach

"Work In Progress" highlighted a lot of practical concerns about implementing service-oriented architectures and had good advice about where SOA is useful and where it isn't (Oct. 31, 2005).

In our architecture team, we use a modified version of the Infomajic process for enterprise architecture. Within this framework, we have been exploring ways to effectively incorporate SOA methodologies. Our approach is very focused on delivering practical business value, which is why I liked your article.

I've recommended it to colleagues. I also wrote about it in my blog: _pad/serviceoriented_architecture.

Richard Akerman
Enterprise Architect, NRC CISTI

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