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Get A Map On Your Site

Google and Yahoo want their maps integrated into others' Web sites
Companies looking to add street maps to their Web sites got two big new options last week, when Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc. released integration interfaces.

Free APIs may lack the gee-whiz pizzazz of Google Earth, the company's offering revealed last week to let people zoom in using satellite imagery to "street-level views." But for businesses, the APIs are likely more practical.

Google Maps' API lets developers embed the maps in their own Web pages with JavaScript; add overlays to maps, including markers; and display shadowed information windows. The beta service is free for any Web site that's free to users, though Google retains the right to put advertising on the map.

The Yahoo Maps API enables developers to create customized maps by overlaying content, which could range from weather reports to garage sales.

Both companies offer the APIs free. But you'll need to work through the companies' discussion groups if you need support.