GoldenGate Upgrades Real-Time Data Integration Platform

Log-based system for operational BI adds Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Sybase and HP Nonstop/Neoview to support list.
Plenty of vendors now claim to offer "real-time" data integration technologies, but GoldenGate has been at it a long time with its Transactional Data Management (TDM) solution. The technology continuously captures changes in source systems rather than taking a conventional batch-oriented approach, with all the latency that entails. GoldenGate 9.5, an upgrade introduced last week, adds to the long list of systems and data types supported out of the box.

GoldenGate's non-intrusive, log-based technology is designed to support operational business intelligence needs because it doesn't query, and thus tax, operational systems and databases. Changes in source systems are captured at the log level and instantly applied to the target system. GoldenGate 9.5 adds Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Sybase ASE, HP SQL/MX and HP Nonstop/Neoview to the list of databases supported with log-based capture. The upgrade also adds more comprehensive support for packaged enterprise applications including SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft Enterprise, Siebel and JD Edwards.

Also new in GoldenGate 9.5 is replication of non-data objects such as data dictionaries. This decreases the time and effort required to perform administrative tasks such as adding users or applying stored procedures to the target database. Given the platform's real-time, bidirectional change-data-capture capabilities, it is often used to copy structural changes between databases without interruption, thus supporting system upgrades with minimal downtime.

GoldenGate 9.5 starts at $30,000 for two CPUs on the source and target systems.