GroundWork Upgrades Open Source Systems Management

GroundWork Monitor 5.2 has added auto-discovery and mapping of data center servers and network devices.
GroundWork Open Source, a supplier of systems management software, has upgraded its core GroundWork Monitor product to a 5.2 release and added a high-end GroundWork Monitor Enterprise product to its line-up.

GroundWork Monitor 5.2 has added auto-discovery and mapping of data center servers and network devices. "It's a one-button push to discover what's in your environment," said Bob McKee, senior director of product management. The monitor can now also import information from other discovery and management data reporting systems, such as Windows Management Instrumentation, part of the Microsoft operating system, he said in an interview.

Monitor 5.2 compares existing configurations to what it knows about best practices for a given device, helping insure that devices are configured properly.

The 5.2 release has also made it easier to extend Monitor, such as connecting it to a change management database, which captures configuration settings for each device in the data center, or to a commercial trouble ticketing system that could be used to assign trouble shooters to problems as they're spotted, McKee said.

The 5.2 release includes a new event console that can handle 1,000 messages per minute, applying filters and a search engine to watch for events in which system administrators are most interested. The release includes a new Event broker for efficient message handling.

David Dennis, senior product marketing director, said GroundWork offers a Community edition for free download that is suitable for small business. It continues to offer a GroundWork Monitor Professional edition, suitable for managing up to 600 servers and network devices. But it has added a GroundWork Monitor Enterprise edition for large customers trying to monitor and manage up to 10,000 or more devices across geographically dispersed locations.

Dennis said Professional edition is available with a $16,000 annual subscription; Enterprise edition is available with a $25,000 annual subscription. The average deal with GroundWork's enterprise customers comes in around $80,000, Dennis estimated. In 2007, about 30% of GroundWork's customer base became what it would now describe as enterprise class customers.

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