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Don't settle for Win98's default settings. -- Part 3 of Get the Most Out of Win98
     Shrink Your Folders

You can see how much precious screen real estate Win98 wastes by default. Here are three things you can do to get some of it back.

1. Open any folder window and choose View/Folder Options. With the Custom button selected, choose Settings. Under the View Web Content heading, choose "Only for folders where I select as Web Page." This removes the large folder headline and the information/file preview area for a huge savings of on-screen space.

2. Turn off the text labels on toolbars using the View/Toolbars menu by removing the check mark beside Text Labels. This saves the height of the text in vertical space. Each toolbar you turn off or reposition so that it overlaps another toolbar saves the vertical space equal to a toolbar. You can also turn off the Links bar on the same submenu.

3. Drag the Address bar by its handle onto the unused space to the right of the menu bar. This works best if you prefer your folder windows wider than they are tall. This, in conjunction with turning off the nearly useless Links bar, saves you the vertical space of a toolbar stretched across the width of all your folder windows.

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