HP Enhances Web Site For Business Customers

Vendor adds white papers, case studies, and customized information based on personal profiles.
Hewlett-Packard unveiled revamped Web sites on Monday that are designed to provide business customers with more specific information to help them improve their use of business technology. HP has gathered information that had been stored throughout the company and centralized it on the sites.

"We're now at a point where we can regroup functions that make sense from a customer viewpoint," says Olivier Kohler, senior VP of worldwide E-business, customer, and sales operations. "This [is] intended to bring simplicity in terms of how we can help customers run their IT platforms better and how we can reduce operational cost."

HP made changes to its public site and its customer-only business-to-business Web sites based on customer feedback. Kohler says the improvements will provide more-relevant content to specific users, a more-streamlined purchasing environment, and expanded global availability.

New features for enterprise users include a searchable library with more than 4,000 white papers, case studies, and detailed information about HP's adaptive enterprise initiative. On the business-to-business sites, users will find targeted content based on personal profiles. This includes items specifically developed for individual accounts, as well as account documentation, and message-posting capabilities aimed at improving collaboration, Kohler says.

An enhanced search tool will make it possible to provide quick links to technical support as well as purchasing options whenever a customer conducts a search on a specific product or model number.

"We want to bring agility to customers," Kohler says. "We want to make sure that wherever their business takes them, we can, in almost real time, adapt their requirements and change our operation to accommodate what they need."

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