JasperSoft Introduces New Products In BI Suite

Additions include commercial versions of the JasperETL, JasperReports, JasperReports Developer Edition, and JasperStudio.
Jaspersoft on Tuesday introduced four new products within the professional edition of the Business Intelligence Suite, which is also available in an open source version.

The open source version is available through The professional edition, which builds on the open source code base, is sold through a commercial license that provides support, indemnification, advanced features and expanded support for application servers, databases, and operating systems.

The professional edition includes four new products, JasperETL Professional Edition, JasperReports Professional Edition, JasperReports Developer Edition, and JasperStudio Professional Edition. Each are available separately, or as an integrated suite that uses common metadata and shared security, repository and scheduling services.

The professional edition also has Web-based ad-hoc reporting and ease-of-use improvements using AJAX-build drag-and-drop technology.

JasperETL is an extract, transform and load tool for loading data from multiple sources into a data warehouse. JasperReports Professional and Developer are Java reporting libraries and graphical report designers. The former is for operational deployments, the latter for report and application developers. JasperStudio is a commercial version of JasperSoft's open source report designer iReport.

Other components of the professional edition include commercial versions of the JasperServer and JasperAnalysis.

JasperSoft BI Suite Professional Edition version 2 is available directly through JasperSoft and resellers. The product is licensed on a per CPU basis. The JasperReports Developer Edition is licensed on a per developer basis.

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