Linux Migration: Are You Experienced?

Migrating to Linux requires hands-on experience your Windows admins may not have. Look to those familiar with the command-line interface, like switch and router experts, for help.

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A Little Linux Netiquette
Which Cert Is Which?

There are quite a few Linux certs out there: Linux+ (from the folks who brought you Network+, at, the Linux Professional Institute's LPIC ( and the RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) certification ( RHCE is especially well-regarded because it requires hands-on experience; it's not just a paper certification.

Red Hat in recent months has indicated that it intends to be the Linux distribution for the enterprise. It would be difficult to argue the point, given Red Hat's good patch-management system (RHN) and support infrastructure.

However, like all vendor-based certifications, while RHCE ensures compliance in this particular vendor's space, it doesn't do the same with other products.

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