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Mobile Java Apps Surging, Survey Claims

A survey finds that 64 percent of wireless developers are either using or considering J2ME.
The number of developers who are creating mobile applications with Java continue to increase rapidly, according to a new survey released this week by Evans Data Corporation.

The survey found that 40 percent of those developing mobile applications are using the Java 2, Mobile Edition (J2ME) platform and another 24 percent are evaluating it. Evans conducts regular surveys of developers and claims that the current results place adoption of J2ME at an all-time high.

The research firm said that the trend is due to the fact that support for Java is being built into increasing numbers of devices.

"J2ME's growth can be directly attributed to wide-spread adoption of J2ME-capable devices in the consumer marketplace, increasing the demand for custom software," Jason Kaczor, a wireless analyst for Evans, said in a statement. "Another reason for J2ME's surge - it's more cost effective to develop J2ME-compliant code once, than to customize or re-write code for differing devices and operating systems."

The survey also questioned developers about security mechanisms and found that public key infrastructure is the most widely used, with 15 percent of the developers saying they were using that technology in their mobile applications. About 12 percent of the developers said they were using SSL/TLS and 11 percent said they were using authentication/password protection.

The survey was run in August and questioned 450 developers of wireless applications.

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