New York Provides Live Traffic Information With Google Maps

By integrating the state's traffic information tool with Google Maps, the public can zoom in, read maps, and view satellite photos for traffic information.
New York State's Department of Transportation has integrated Google Maps with its system for reporting traffic conditions, giving travelers more up-to-date information.

The department's Condition Acquisition Reporting System Web product, known as Cars Web, reports information on roadwork, accidents, and closures.

New York CIO Michael Mittleman announced in an April newsletter that the traffic information tool was integrated with Google Maps and is available to the public. It allows users to zoom in, read maps, and view satellite photos for traffic information.

Google Maps improved the representations of New York's local, state, and federal roads and highways. Now the state's traffic information system provides details within a minute, instead of information from 15 to 20 minutes earlier.

The Google tool also eliminated the need to continuously maintain and update the maps, Mittleman said.

New York's transportation department Web site provides safety information, weather advisories, and regional road construction reports.

Google Mobile Maps provides free live traffic information on cell phones.

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