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Editor's Note

Deep Linking Now Possible With YouTube Videos

Sharing videos via YouTube is what the fun is all about. Sometimes, however, the "good part" is somewhere in the middle of the video, and you have to sit through minutes of tedium to reach the money shot. No longer. Google has created a way for people to link to specific times within their videos, meaning you can jump straight to the action.

How many times has a friend shared a video with you and said something like, "Wait until it gets to 2 minutes 38 seconds!"? The time spent waiting for the good part your buddy wants you to see can be anywhere from entertaining to downright boring.

In order to allow friends to share their favorite parts of videos, YouTube has announced the ability to "deep link" to YouTube videos. This means you can now not only link to a YouTube video itself, but you can also link directly to a specific time within each video.

To find out how, click here.

Eric Zeman
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Quote of The Day

"Those who stay away from the election think that one vote will do no good: 'Tis but one step more to think one vote will do no harm." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Top Stories

Ray Ozzie Explains Microsoft's Azure Cloud Services
Microsoft's chief software architect on what IT departments should expect from the Azure Services Platform, Microsoft's answer to on-demand computing services.

InformationWeek Reports: Microsoft Aims To Join The 64-Bit Stampede
The Smartphone: Your Next ComputerOur Rolling Review looks at its most intriguing features, one by one. Should you run with it, or get out of the way?   DOWNLOAD NOW

White Paper

iPhone, Smartphones May Be Recession-Proof As Sales Hold Up

Apple still has a relatively low share of the cell phone market, but consumers with income between $25,000 and $50,000 acquired iPhones in a higher growth percentage.

Mobile Gaming In Trouble, Nokia Says

The multi-billion dollar industry may be hurt by the economic slowdown, but Nokia still expects growth in certain segments including the iPhone.

Western Digital Adds FireWire Interface To Passport

In adding the FireWire 800/400 technology to the portable hard drive, WD is trying to appeal to creative professionals using Apple Mac desktops and notebooks.

Radus Unveils Glossy Personal Media Hub

The start-up aims to provide a consistent user experience for online media consumption, whether that involves reading news feeds, sharing content, blogging, or watching videos.

Dell Refreshes XPS One Entertainment PC

The latest model offers a 24-inch, 1080p high-definition display, JBL dual stereo speakers, and an optional Nvidia GEForce 9600M GT card.

CSC Plans China Data Centers

The new facilities will help the outsourcer expand its presence in Asia.

Informatica To Offer Salesforce.com Integration Service

Informatica's Web-based service, to be announced at the Dreamforce conference next week, will let companies synchronize data between Salesforce CRM and onsite applications.

Apple Updates MobileMe

The company's wireless syncing service has been getting upgrades to improve mail, calendar, contacts, and overall performance, Apple said.

The Beatles And Rock Band Creators Come Together

The Fab Four will be featured in a new, as yet untitled video game under an exclusive deal announced Thursday.

AT&T, Lenovo Offer Subsidized Laptops

Customers will be able to get up to $150 off a laptop with embedded 3G modem if they sign up for a two-year data plan with AT&T.

Motorola Delays Mobile Spin-Off, Android On Hold

The company has been betting heavily on Google's new Android platform, but now says it won't deliver handset to compete with T-Mobile-HTC's G1 until next year.

Netflix To Stream Via Xbox And Tivo

Subscribers to the online move service will be able to watch videos instantly through a range of devices.

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Latest InformationWeek Blog Posts

Crybabies Emerge After Wal-Mart G1 Discount Announced
Remember how ticked-off people were when Apple dropped the price of the iPhone from $600 to $400 last year? People cried foul in droves. In light of Wal-Mart's announcement that it is going to sell the Android phone for $31 less than it costs at T-Mobile stores, people are complaining.

Dell, Facebook, and Google Join Dreamforce Love Fest
The number of technology vendors involved in Salesforce.com's Dreamforce conference next week is impressive. Salesforce is nowhere the size of Oracle or Microsoft, but it undoubtedly has a strong "partner ecosystem," as the vendors like to say. Michael Dell will be there, plus Google and Facebook execs, and many small software companies hawking their wares. So what's behind the rally behind Salesforce.com?

IBM Fined $900,000 For Failing To Backup
The Dallas Morning News reported that the state of Texas is fining IBM $900,000 for failing to make timely backups as part of a $863 million outsourcing contract. Gov. Rick Perry also suspended the transfer of additional state records into the IBM system claiming the new system puts state agency data at risk.

Green Metrics: Measure By Measure
You can manage what you can measure. You can tame what you can name. However you choose to say it, it's becoming abundantly clear that any efforts to go green must begin with accurate and actionable measurements of energy consumption.

'Motorolandroid': Another Open Source Proving Ground
Even if there won't be any Android phones from Motorola for at least a year, it might well be one of the best things that's happened to Motorola in a long time. It also may well be the best thing that could have happened to Android, since it'll put the OS right in the line of fire of the non-smartphone-buying public.

Will Microsoft Shake Up Cloud Computing SLAs?
For Microsoft, which announced its cloud computing platform this week, it seems like service level agreements don't just mean uptime. That thinking could shake up the industry.

Going Laptopless: MicroPersuasion On iPhone As Notebook Replacement
Ever since my InformationWeek cover story, "Is The Smartphone Your Next Computer?," I've been getting pinged by people telling me their tales of going "laptopless." (Can I use that word in a family blog?) Steve Rubel, the popular MicroPersuasion blogger and public-relations executive at Edelman Digital, spoke with me for the story and told me why he's tilting away from the notebook and relying increasingly on his iPhone. Here's our full interview.

Motorola: No Android Phones For A Year
Just when it seemed Motorola was on the brink of turning things around, reality had to intrude. Motorola reported its third quarter earnings today. The company suffered a deep loss of $397 million. Worse than that was a comment made my Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha. He said there will be no Android phones from Motorola until the holiday season of 2009.

Is The Cloud The End Of Microsoft?
As InformationWeek covers Microsoft's revelations at its Professional Developer Conference this week, it's becoming clear that Microsoft's top brass know they aren't in the same business they were just a few years ago. So is this the transitive stage that spells the end of Microsoft's dominance of the software industry?

IBM's Enterprise Content Management Push
Content management systems may not be the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of IBM's name, but this week it's being made clear that they play a critical part in IBM's Information On Demand strategy.

White Paper

Real-World SOA: Definition, Implementation and Use of SOA with CentraSite
Web services are having a dramatic impact on improving enterprise architecture and application development practices. This paper highlights three sample case studies illustrating how Fujitsu's CentraSite delivers SOA solutions.

Forrester Consulting: Unified Communications Delivers Global Benefits
This Forrester Consulting study shows how Unified Communications (UC) makes it simpler to contact others over any device in any location, enhancing business agility, cutting costs, and boosting employee productivity. Forrester finds that UC is already delivering major savings for organizations around the world in retail banking, manufacturing and education. Download the full report for free.

Software as a Service Research Report
No longer a niche software delivery model, software as a service (SaaS) can help small and midsize companies get access to enteprise-class software functionality without having to commit enterprise-level capital resources. Download the full report for free.

The Internet & The Developing World
The evolution of the Internet has been full of surprises - surprises that have sometimes resulted in radical changes in the commercial landscape, such as the arrival of Amazon, eBay, Google, YouTube, and Skype. Could one of the next big surprises turn out to be linked to developing countries? Read the full report for free from InternetEvolution.com

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