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Introduction To Ubuntu Linux

Information Week
InformationWeek Daily - Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Editor's Note

On The Internet, There Are No Secrets

One thing is true about the security research community; it is populated by people that don't like to be told what to do or how to act. Halvar Flake thought the way the DNS disclosure was handled was OK, but didn't think the discussion blackout would be useful. So setting off as a DNS novice, he spent a few hours figuring out the problem. He got pretty close, too. So then Matasano Security disclosed and then pulled the details. By then it was too late.

There has been this creeping silence in movement in responsible disclosure to keep information from the folks who need it. I have never been a fan of responsible disclosure, but I understand the arguments. Notify vendors about problems and allow them time to fix it, then when the patch is released, publish the details. The hope is that vendors will patch problems in a reasonable time frame and that IT administrators will patch. If they want, they also can review the technical details and maybe even develop a check.

That's all well and good, but Dan Kaminsky's recent advisory took the unusual step in that 1) the details weren't released at the time of the advisory/patch and 2) he asked others to keep the details quiet if they figured it out. The question is why? The stated reason is to give organizations the time to patch their DNS servers before the bad guys figured out the exploit. Well, that's just wishful thinking.

Read the rest of my post find out what other common missteps you can avoid and post your thoughts in the comment section.

Mike Fratto
[email protected]

Quote of The Day

"A compliment is a gift, not to be thrown away carelessly, unless you want to hurt the giver." -- Eleanor Hamilton

Top Stories

Introduction To Ubuntu Linux
Read this chapter of A Practical Guide To Ubuntu Linux and bring yourself up to speed on the open source operating system's desktop and its root privileges, and learn how to work with the command line and control windows.

White Paper

HP Ties Project Management Into Code's Operational Lifecycle

By tying project and portfolio management into existing technology optimization products, HP helps data centers answer difficult questions about what software can be fixed and what should be replaced.

Jury Still Out On 'White Spaces' Devices, FCC Continues Tests

Opposition to the use of the spectrum has been led by many broadcasters and some device manufacturers, claiming it would create havoc for wireless microphones.

Commercial Mobile Browsers To See Strong Growth

While open source mobile browsers will gain popularity, ABI Research says offerings from companies like Opera can still garner significant revenue.

Microsoft Lets Xbox Live Users Build And Sell Their Own Games

If it passes a peer review, the creator will receive up to 70% of the total revenue generated by the game.

Apple 'Product Transition' Chatter Sparks Web Speculation

Popular theories about Apple's "state-of-the-art" product, hinted at Monday, include an update of the MacBook and a multitouch tablet computer.

GM, Power Companies Join To Make Plug-In Vehicles Work

The automaker wants to be leading the pack when electric cars reach the nation's roads.

N.Y. Leans On Comcast To Fight Child Porn

The state agreement includes a mandate that ISPs contribute funds to prevent the distribution of child pornography online.

SAP Closing Subsidiary TomorrowNow

TomorrowNow was at the center of a 2007 Oracle lawsuit accusing SAP of "corporate theft on a grand scale."

IT Economic Outlook Brightens

The number of medium-sized companies expecting bigger budgets increased 10 percentage points from April to 64%, according to CDW.

Microsoft Releases Windows Home Server, Power Pack 1

The bug can corrupt files, such as applications, music tracks or digital photos, if they're transferred to a Windows Home Server unit equipped with two or more hard drives.

Sony Ericsson Introduces Three Walkman Phones

The company said the phones will deliver the high-quality audio playback that the Walkman line is known for.

Online Safety, Privacy Tops Parents' Concerns

The survey of 1,035 adults, as well as 260 pairs of parents and teens, highlighted how little parents know about their teens' activities online.

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Latest InformationWeek Blog Posts

OSCON, Pt. 2.1: A Few Words With Mark Shuttleworth
For many people, Ubuntu is Linux, and Mark Shuttleworth is Ubuntu. It might come as a surprise to learn that the prime mover behind one of the most successful and visible Linux distributions out there isn't entirely comfortable with that. I jumped at the chance to sit down with Mark for an hour on Tuesday morning while at OSCON and ask him about that, and many other, things.

Building A Case For Document And Content Management
The July/August issue of AIIM E-DOC Magazine features an interesting document and content management case study by John Harney this month titled "Making a Case for Content Management." The return on investment in the case study is stunning -- a government agency was able to save nearly half a million dollars in taxpayer funds a year by going from a manual to an automated system.

Brocade Buys Foundry for $3B - Let the FCOE Battles Begin
After the close of trading yesterday Brocade announced that they were going to buy Foundry Networks for $19.75 in cash and stock or a total of 3 billion dollars. This acquisition puts Brocade in a much better position in the coming data center network wars as just being the dominant Fibre Channel switch vendor isn't worth much as large enterprise datacenters move from separate storage and communications networks to a converged Ethernet.

Slydial Lets You Be A Jerk To Your Coworkers, Friends, And Family
You know you've done it. C'mon, it's OK, you're not alone. G'head and admit it. You've called someone secretly hoping to get their voice mail so you didn't have to talk to them. Feel better now that that's off your chest? The good news for you is, Slydial lets you skip the risk of that person actually answering the phone and instead calls straight into their voice mail. Voila! Confrontation avoided.

R.I.P. Cisco PIX, I Hardly Knew Ye
I know how this sounds, but I love my Cisco PIX firewalls. Like my 2000 Toyota Camry with 150,000 miles, my PIX firewalls just work day after day, always blinking green, passing packets and making people happy. And now, on July 28, I'm reminded that Cisco is mercilessly assassinating the PIX line of firewalls.

If You Pay Them, They May Come
Microsoft, long stuck in third place behind Google and Yahoo, seems to have found a strategy able to help it make some headway in the search engine wars with the newly launched Live Search cashback site that gives advertisers and users of its search engine cash-back savings on online purchases.

SteelEye Replicates Xen Servers
Host-based data replication has long been key to disaster recovery planning in the midmarket. They just couldn't justify building the duplicate SAN at their DR site that array-based replication required. More recently, server virtualization has revolutionized how the midmarket plans and builds disaster recovery sites by letting them replace the DR site with 3 to 5 hot standby servers that they would have needed five years ago with a single virtual server host.

Opera Mobile Thumbs Nose At Apple, Says It Has More Mobile Web Users Than Anyone Else
Guess what? Big surprise. Opera's Mini browser is apparently pretty popular. In Opera's latest "State of the Mobile Web" report, we learn that most Opera users (worldwide) have a Nokia phone, but nine of the top 10 phones for Opera Mini in the U.S. are BlackBerrys. Opera also pointed out that its users pushed 46.7 million MB of data for operators. That's a lot of mobile data, people.

XyEnterprise Contenta 4.0 Broadens OS And Database Support
With Contenta 4.0, the latest version of its flagship XML Content Management Systems, XyEnterprise is focused mainly on expanding the number of operating systems and databases its systems will run on. Most notable are the edition of support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Windows Vista Service Pack 1, and support for MS SQL Server databases on the back end.

Nokia's Open Platform Still No Match For The iPhone
While Nokia showed strong 2Q sales of 122 million devices, its days of being the largest mobile device maker might be coming to an end. Given its current 40% market share, it will stay on top for some time to come, but with pressure from other "open" mobile platforms, and the ever-looming iPhone making ripples around the world, it needs to step up its game, and make itself stand out from the crowd once again.

OSCON, Pt. 1.1: Free-Range Open Source
Yesterday I left behind the muggy July of New York to drink in the relative cool of Portland, Ore. -- and also to drink in a week of the open source world, courtesy of O'Reilly's OSCON.

White Paper

Real-World SOA: Definition, Implementation and Use of SOA with CentraSite
Web services are having a dramatic impact on improving enterprise architecture and application development practices. This paper highlights three sample case studies illustrating how Fujitsu's CentraSite delivers SOA solutions.

Forrester Consulting: Unified Communications Delivers Global Benefits
This Forrester Consulting study shows how Unified Communications (UC) makes it simpler to contact others over any device in any location, enhancing business agility, cutting costs, and boosting employee productivity. Forrester finds that UC is already delivering major savings for organizations around the world in retail banking, manufacturing and education. Download the full report for free.

Software as a Service Research Report
No longer a niche software delivery model, software as a service (SaaS) can help small and midsize companies get access to enteprise-class software functionality without having to commit enterprise-level capital resources. Download the full report for free.

The Internet & the Developing World
The evolution of the Internet has been full of surprises - surprises that have sometimes resulted in radical changes in the commercial landscape, such as the arrival of Amazon, eBay, Google, YouTube, and Skype. Could one of the next big surprises turn out to be linked to developing countries? Read the full report for free from

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