Oracle 10g Database Ready For The Masses

Oracle is cutting entry-level prices and offering free features as it rolls out its 10g database.
Oracle's newest 10g database, which it has touted since its unveiling in September, is now generally available, the vendor said Tuesday. Oracle also says it's cutting the price by 17% or more for its entry-level database for small and midsize businesses.

Oracle says more than 100 customers have installed the 10g database, including Beyond Genomics, Deutsche Post, and Prolexys Pharmaceuticals. The database and its Real Application Clusters database-clustering technology provide technology to build and manage grid-computing networks.

The vendor cut the price of its Oracle Database 10g Standard Edition One software for small and midsize companies from $5,995 to $4,995 per processor and from $195 per named user to $149 per named user. Prices for the Standard and Enterprise editions are unchanged, although Oracle now provides its Real Application Clusters technology, previously an extra-cost option, free with the Standard Edition.

Oracle also began shipping the 10g release of its Enterprise Manager software Tuesday with new grid-control capabilities.

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