Put To The Test: WebSideStory HBX Analytics

HBX Analytics measures total site performance, including animations, podcasts and RSS feeds.


Campaign reporting gives companies a way to understand their marketing expenses for keywords, banners, newsletters, e-mail and internal marketing. It's possible to measure response rate and conversion rate for each campaign, then by keywords, click path and conversions. Campaign reporting can be used to drive ROI calculations either by uploading cost through API or directly entering it into the HBX Analytics interface.

The wizard-driven HBX Report Builder is very flexible and quite powerful. It provides an API for Web Services for Excel, so customers can leverage all the power and functionality of Excel to create spreadsheets and apply complex formulae. Reports can be set to refresh based on a certain time and day or date, and it's even possible to schedule a report to run and e-mail itself as a spreadsheet or PDF to a distribution list.

HBX Analytics is a mature platform that offers a great deal of functionality. HBX Analytics excels by balancing powerful features, flexibility and ease of use. Active segmentation lets users slice and dice data however they want, and the integration with Excel is much tighter than that of its competitors. All customers get training on the basic user interface, Report Builder and Active Viewing, and there are also weekly scheduled training Webinars that anyone can attend.

HBX Analytics is the core component of WebSideStory's on-demand Active Marketing Suite, which also includes search, keyword and content management components. Subscription pricing starts at $15,000 per year and goes up based on the number of page views, customer accounts and additional features. The average annual cost is $45,000 per year and includes unlimited support.

Matt Sarrel is the principal of Sarrel Group, which specializes in lab-based technology product reviews. Write to him at [email protected].