Real-Time Data Analysis Delivered

New version of Business Objects' software lets users define business-process steps and identify inefficiencies.
Business Objects SA this week is shipping a new version of its business-intelligence software tailored for operational data reporting and analysis. Along with providing users with the means to analyze real-time operational data from business processes, the software combines process data with historical information for measuring and managing the performance of those operations.

More companies want to apply business-intelligence tools to real-time operational data for such applications as identifying inefficiencies in production systems.

The software, BusinessObjects XI Built for Operation BI, is based on the core BusinessObjects XI business-intelligence platform. Added to that is an enhanced version of the BusinessObjects Process Analysis analytic engine for monitoring and analyzing in real time processes such as manufacturing or shipping to help identify operational inefficiencies. The tool can also issue alerts when a process is getting off-track.

Another component of the package is BusinessObjects Process Tracker, which helps users define the steps of a business process and the decisions that must be made at each step and develop reports for making those decisions. BusinessObjects Dashboard Manager and real-time data connectivity tools also are included.

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