RFID Data Management

Sybase software helps companies collect and use data for business processes
Sybase Inc. has expanded the data-collection capabilities of its RFID Anywhere software to provide an interface to many types of radio-frequency-identification reading devices, including RFID readers, bar-code scanners, and real-time location services.

The vendor also has developed RFID Open Database Schema and Persistence Layer technology that lets users automatically upload RFID data into any relational database, including Sybase's Adaptive Server Enterprise and SQL Anywhere Studio. With the data captured in a relational database, it can be used to augment business processes, says Chris Foley, Sybase's director of RFID.

Sybase has added a visual-development toolset for building applications that use RFID data and combined the toolset with the RFID Open Database Schema, RFID Anywhere, and other components as part of its RFID Enterprise package. RFID Enterprise maps data into existing systems, reformats the data, applies business rules to it, and monitors streams of RFID-event data, Foley says. RFID Enterprise is priced at $50,000.