SAP Rolls Out MySAP Update

The new version of the CRM software adds analysis tools and interaction features.
SAP on Thursday rolled out a new version of its mySAP customer-relationship management software with added analysis tools and interaction features.

The software synchronizes all customer, product, and marketing information--from any channel, such as the Web or a toll-free phone line--to give agents a single view, according to SAP. Agents can use the interaction center to review all of a particular customer's previous contacts with the company and can acknowledge these when working with that customer.

New analytical tools can automatically identify a customer at risk of churning and generate a tailored script that agents can use to help keep that customer. With integrated workforce management, the script can be automatically forwarded to the best-skilled agent.

The analytics can also help companies monitor assess customers' buying habits. The integration of marketing campaign analyses and shift planning enables interaction center managers to optimize the number of agents on duty during peak and slow periods.

MySAP CRM can be implemented with a Web-based browser interface or as thin-client software. SAP says this lets companies tailor the system to meet their specific needs.

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