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Facebook's Terms Of Use Draw Protest

Information Week
InformationWeek Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2009

Editor's Note

Mobile World Congress Coverage

Buenos dias. Today's note comes from Barcelona, host this week to the Mobile World Congress, an extravaganza described by Fritz Nelson as "an enormous show that cuts across the entire mobile ecosystem, from the die casters to the equipment manufacturers to the mobile operators to the handset makers to a diverse roster of content providers (there's even a developer garage)."

Fritz and his crew are digging in to product announcements of all stripes including Adobe's big Flash news, HTC's Magic Android Phone, and industry pleas for more capital in the form of additional spectrum, finance, and microfinance.

Nokia turned some heads with a whopper of a handset, the latest N Series, which shared the spotlight with the company's next generation of E-Series phones.

But HTC's Magic announcement aside, there has been a dearth of Android gear at the show, which makes me nervous about the platform's future. And very nervous about the prospects of Android developers.

The Windows platform, until Tuesday known as Windows Mobile, appears healthier. LG announced it will release 50 "Windows Phone" handsets, half of them by 2012. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, unveiling the new name at the show, said his company would be redesigning the operating system's user interface, introduce an application store, and offering a content backup service in order to better compete with the likes of Apple, Research In Motion, and Symbian.

As for drama, there hasn't been much, unless you count a high-level slip of the tongue about the long-rumored Dell smartphone, which served only to...prolong the rumors. No, Dell has not unveiled a smartphone, but PC-maker Acer has.

Eric Zeman
[email protected]

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"I'm living so far beyond my income that we may almost be said to be living apart." -- e e cummings

Top Stories

Facebook's Terms Of Use Draw Protest
CEO Mark Zuckerberg clarifies for users that once they delete their accounts, friends may still retain their posts.

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White Paper

Acer Takes The Smartphone Plunge

Details on four of the 10 Tempo smartphones Acer plans to launch this year were released Monday at the GSMA Mobile World Congress.

LG Commits To Windows Mobile

The company will be releasing at least 50 handsets with the Windows platform for mobile phones, with up to 26 coming out by 2012.

Microsoft, Red Hat Agree To Mutual Virtualization Support

Many, if not most, enterprise IT environments today include some instances of both Microsoft Windows Servers and Linux servers, with the latter often running Red Hat Enterprise Server.

Yahoo Mobile Out In Limited Beta

The smartphone service will let users access e-mail, social networking sites, and news, plus Yahoo's oneSearch with Voice, which accepts spoken search requests.

Three Arrested For Using Stolen Heartland Credit Card Numbers

Heartland Payment Systems, which handles about 100 million payment transactions per month, reported in January that its network was compromised by malware in 2008.

Ubuntu To Be Certified For HP Servers

By bundling the free operating system with HP hardware, smaller companies can sidestep the licensing fees associated with Microsoft's Windows.

Adobe Flash Coming To Many Smartphones

Flash 10 will be coming to smartphones with Windows Mobile, Symbian, and webOS, but the iPhone and BlackBerry will have to wait.

Vodafone Intros 'Magic' Android Phone

The second major smartphone with the Android operating system relies on a touch-heavy interface, has Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, and has deep integration with Google's Web services.

Facebook's Terms Of Use Draw Protest

Mark Zuckerberg clarifies for users that once they delete their accounts, friends will still retain their posts.

HTC Updates Its 'Touch' Smartphones

The HTC Touch Diamond 2 and Touch Pro 2 will have beefed up specs, and be compatible with Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.5.

Nvidia Unveils Chip For $99 Internet Devices

The company's Tegra-based platform can playback 720p and 1080p high-definition video and support Wi-Fi and 3G wireless broadband.

Nokia Expands E Series Of Smartphones

The E55 and E75 are powered by Symbian, and have Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS, and access to corporate e-mails on the go.

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Startup Egnyte links your premises file server to an online service for belt-and-suspenders storage and backups

InformationWeek Editor Duped In Facebook Phishing Scam
The damage could have been worse. I had my guard down. Although today started like any other day, I hadn't even taken one sip of my tea when I noticed a slight hiccup to the way things normally work when logging into Facebook (see image below). And now, someone out there (I'm not sure who) has the password I used to use for Facebook as well as for a handful of other sites. It's one of my not-to-be-used-for-transactional (financial)-sites passwords. So, nothing serious is at risk and I think I moved fast enough to go so far as to say nothing is at risk. But I should have known better and you can learn from my mistake.

LG Commits To 50 New Windows Mobile Devices
LG Electronics and Microsoft have signed a deal that will put Windows Mobile on at least 50 LG phones in the next five years. This will be a big help in getting Windows Mobile phones in the hands of the mainstream consumer.

VMware To Take Its Next Steps Into The Cloud
It's been six months since VMware announced vCloud, the company's grand plan for public, private, and hybrid computing clouds. It's almost time for an update on VMware's progress.

'Gap Insurance' For Open Source
Over at Forbes.com I spied an article with the intriguing title "The Open-Source Collaboration Gap", which delves into the whole question of why the vast majority of contributions to open source projects come from individuals and not companies or institutions. Two questions came to my lips: 1) Is that the case? and 2) If so, why?

While HTC, LG, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson all took the time to announce exciting new phones at this year's Mobile World Congress, Motorola sat by the sidelines and didn't trot out any new handsets.

MWC 2009: AT&T CEO Causes Dell Smartphone Flap
AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega referred to a Dell smartphone during his recent address at the Mobile World Congress Trade show. At first glance, he appeared to (finally!) confirm Dell's plans to break into the smartphone market.

Getting Data To The Cloud
In a recent entry I gave some examples of how cloud storage is maturing. There are companies offering cloud based storage solutions both as a service, like Amazon and Nirvanix, and as a product to sell to service providers or for internal use, like Bycast and ParaScale. Some of these companies even have revenue customers and they are organizations of all sizes, as we stated in our recent white paper, Cloud Storage Is A Reality. What is missing, however, is how to get data to these cloud storage platforms.

Can CIOs Lead The Hunt For Growth Opportunities?
While many companies struggle to find the bottom in this global recession, others are finding pockets of significant growth in unexpected areas: for example, the explosive market for mobile phones in rural India. CIOs can look for inspiration in this tale of untraditional opportunity as part of your effort to identify new markets and new customers in an otherwise brutal economic climate.

MWC 2009: Android Phone Finally Appears From HTC
Today Vodafone and HTC held a press conference to announce the world's second Android phone. The Magic, as it is called, features a 3.2-megapixel camera, touch-screen display, and the same tight integration with Google services as seen on the HTC G1.

Mobile Tapas In Barcelona
Mobile World Congress is an enormous show that cuts across the entire mobile ecosystem, from the die casters to the equipment manufacturers to the mobile operators to the handset makers to a diverse roster of content providers (there's even a developer garage), and they are all here again in force in Barcelona, home to the colorful architecture of Gaudi and an insanely endless arsenal of appetizers called tapas, good for arresting every taste bud and an apt metaphor for Mobile World Congress.

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