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Software Review: SAP's BusinessOne

SAP has packaged its core applications in a flexible, capable product that makes sense for small and medium businesses struggling to make the best use of their business
Businesses that can make use of the standardized sales order process should be able to put the system to work immediately. Businesses that have highly customized ordering processes may want to continue to use their specialized front-end applications and integrate them into BusinessOne. Though this would certainly require programming expertise, BusinessOne's software development kit (SDK) and associated application programming interfaces (API) are available through SAP's partners or can be purchased from SAP if your business has its own programming staff.

BusinessOne doesn't include a payroll application. Since SAP distributes BusinessOne globally and payroll and taxation regulations vary widely, its Human Resources module is used as a collection point for employee data. The HR module offers programming hooks that can be used to feed a variety of external payroll systems ranging from Intuit's QuickPay to ADP's hosted service and more.


BusinessOne's combination of features and inclusion of a highly capable CRM package make it a prime contender for small to mid-sized businesses. The package could be put to good use by employees ranging from sales associates, to finance, to the CEO because it includes so many modules. However, priced at $3,750 per named user, the package could quickly become expensive. It seems reasonable to start with one or two users to keep costs down, and only add user accounts as use becomes justified.

I found it possible to drill down through virtually any piece of information that had detail associated with it. The Drag & Relate feature invites users to dig for information, and the incorporation of the sales process/CRM functionality make understanding the state of the business easy. If you're digging for data in your accounting system or using a CRM application that doesn't connect to your live sales data, BusinessOne deserves a look.