Sun's Disaster Recovery Software Gets Global Reach

Sun's new software will allow companies to integrate disaster-recovery platforms in centers worldwide.
Sun Microsystems has enhanced its disaster-recovery software to provide a multi-site platform across unlimited geographic distances.

The Sun Cluster Geographic Edition is available as part of the Sun Java Availability Suite within its Java Enterprise System portfolio. CGE helps customers achieve and maintain high levels of data center availability during planned maintenance, or in the event of an unplanned event such as a disaster or system failure, says Jim Sangster, director of marketing for Sun Cluster and N1.

Sun's previous disaster-recovery software offering was limited to distances of 400 meters. The new software will allow companies to integrate disaster-recovery platforms in centers worldwide, Sangster says.

"We fully expect this to bring us into a newer and higher-end market in terms of availability services we can offer customers," he says. "We didn't have a full spectrum of technology to bring to bear; now we have a product that can go top to bottom around the globe."

The Java Availability Suite now includes Sun Cluster software, the new CGE, cluster agents for more than 50 industry applications, and developer tools that are contained within the JavaStudio Enterprise, JavaStudio Creator, and Sun Studio software.

The availability suite provides enterprises a range of capabilities from basic single node tolerance restart and two-node fail-over, to full-scale disaster tolerance platforms. The Java Availability Suite is priced at $50 per employee per year.

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